Ask any Texan or in fact anyone who has visited the lone star state and they will sum up Texas, this massive expanse in one word, and that word is big.

It is a cliché but like many clichés it is true. From the ice-cream scoop sized portions of butter which accompany your melon sized jacket potato to the thousand bedrooms hotels. While in Texas using the word big is as ubiquitous as the Texan flag.

 We’d be in Texas five days and so far – with much difficulty – we had done the impossible and had not tackled a prime slab of steak. But tonight was the night. And tonight’s steak would be…….BIG.

We felt ready for the challenge. We’d been to a Rodeo, visited the Cowgirl Museum (there is such a thing!), looked at cowboy boots and seriously considered buying a snake skin Stetson (thankfully we decided against the purchase; it’s not really the Barcelona look). All we had left to do was to eat and eat well. Recommendations came in fast and furious from our contacts in Dallas and Sēr Steak  + Spirits had been mentioned a few times. After eating there we knew why.

Sēr sits at the Hilton Anatole and their website boasts “unparalleled views of the Dallas skyline” and boast it should! We expected a fantastic meal but we were surprised at just how beautiful the restaurant was and how spectacular the view. This stunning restaurant has a variety of spaces for dinner and would be perfect for an intimate meal, a work celebration or a large client dinner.

Our table looked south across the city which you could just see behind the not surprisingly physically big menus. By no means big the choice of just five or six options for each course was about right. As a bit of a techy I loved the iPad version of the menu.

We opted for a mix from the charcuterie and cheese options choosing everything from Texas plus the Jamón Ibérico from Spain all beautifully presented on a slate.
Their starter options were fantastic and we could seriously have ordered them all. However I had that big steak on my mind so left it to the Editor to try out the Lobster Bisqué a beautiful soup with chunks of deep fired lobster on the side.
The main event soon arrived: the 26oz Prime Porterhouse steak accompanied by asparagus, fried onion rings and mushrooms. The Editor dropped down in size and only ordered the 22oz Ribeye! Even the small steaks are big. Both were exceptionally succulent with the tomato chutney providing a nice spicy balance to the Ribeye.
Only one of us managed a desert. The Ed obviously had 4oz in the bank! A lovely light and fluffy soufflé with a refreshing sorbet.
We sampled a few wines throughout the meal chosen by our sommelier to complement our choices. In return we left with our compliments to the executive chef, Anthony Van Camp and pulled ourselves from our chairs towards the shimmering Dallas Skyline.
Our meal with wine cost just under $250 and was worth every penny. Breakfast the next morning, as good as it looked just, wasn’t an option. Evidentially one thing that wasn’t big was our appetite. Dallas had beaten us. But we were the fuller for it.

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