Many assistants are involved in their organisation’s big internal meeting. It could be the executive staff away day, the annual sales conference or it could be a stand alone conference for internal staff and clients. As we all know these large meetings are a huge investment in time and resources for our organisation. As well as the actual spend, taking senior staff away from the office has a large opportunity cost and organisations should do everything they can to make sure that the time spent at the event is adding value to the business. But how often do our executives return from these events with nothing more to show than a hangover?

We all know that these large organisational events should be able to deliver so much more value for our organisations. The secret is in setting the bar very high and demanding more of the meeting. A meeting with engaging content structured and designed to make it interesting, engaging and informative.

Engaging Content

The opportunity risk

As well as the wasted time for our executives there is also the risk that should external clients or partners attend the event a poorly executed day could place that relationship in danger. To overcome these major challenges it is no wonder that many organisations spend a large amount of money on agencies to deliver their events. But that isn’t the only way to limit these risks. The other option is to develop the skills of the assistant involved in overseeing or running the event.

Bringing in an expensive agency is normally a missed opportunity to develop the skill of the in-house assistant. Running an event is a wonderful way to hone those administrative and logistical skills but having an agency on hand to do everything is often a missed opportunity for the assistant. However leaving an assistant without any experienced external support can be a risk too. So is there any middle ground for the organisation that wants to deliver a fantastic event while developing the event management potential of their internal staff?

Managing someone managing your event isn’t really event management

Although I have run quite a few internal events I have never been one to volunteer to do the whole thing. We have busy enough jobs without taking on the whole event so you can see why some event-managing-assistants plump for the full service event agency approach. But if you do this you don’t learn or develop.

Gallus Events have been supporting event managers to run their own events for over ten years. Their experienced event consultants work very closely with the in house event organiser supporting and developing them as much as the event. Unlike traditional event agencies they offer support and guidance to the organisation who wish to build up the internal skills of the event organiser. They don’t organise the whole event they just take control of specific specialised areas like putting a programme together using meeting design, briefing speakers, creating the right environment, suggesting the right event technology and ensuring your process and procedures are as efficient as possible.

The Assistant still manages the events but they bring a considerable knowledge and experience to an event while supporting the development of the assistant or the event management team.

Assisting the Assist Conference

Gallus Events supported our every own Assist Conference in February and they managed to support us to create an event that exactly matched our brief. They helped us:

– establish the brand within the world of live communications

– create a theme for the event and carry that through the whole event

– create the right environment and atmosphere for the event

– set more dynamic objectives to allow the event to achieve more

– create memorable sessions and a truly memorable meeting

– add very creative and memorable elements like the badges, creative spaces and the mugs

Of course every event is different and most will be quite unlike the event we asked Gallus Events to design for the blog. However we wanted to build a dynamic, creative and innovative event that delivered top quality content and that is likely be very similar for many organisations which our readers will support. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to deliver this type of event without their support. And I must say that working alongside their team I learned a tremendous amount.

If you are at the early stages of planning a large meeting or conference it may be that Gallus Events can help. Maybe the event you have planned just needs a injection of some creative ideas. Gallus Events operate a competitive day rate which allows them to support any size of event for any size of organisation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 21.26.50

If your executive or client is looking to deliver more ROI from the team being out of the office then Gallus’s event consultancy service may well deliver. It certainly did for our attendees and that is what it really is all about.

Email William if you are interested in finding our more about Gallus Events events consultancy.

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