All business events, from client socials and staff parties to corporate awards dinners, benefit from a considered soundtrack.

When it comes to organising a work event, the expectation for the music extends beyond your a personal playlist. Your selection of band or DJ, scheduling for the event and the invited attendees all need to be co-ordinated.

Get it right and it will be a runaway success and raise the bar for future events. Here are our top tips for picking and planning the right musical accompaniment.

Do you want background music or a feature band?

Matching musical style to the type of event is key and should inform your search for the right act. In a more formal business setting, such as a launch party or client mixer, you will likely require an ambient, unintrusive backing soundtrack for the event.

In this case it would be advantageous to hire a band that plays soft jazz, acoustic or classical melodies. Instrumentals can create a social atmosphere that encourages free flowing conversation.

Remember that music is not only overbearing when it is loud, but when it clashes with the mood of your guests too.

Minimise bookings with band & DJ packages

Depending of the length of your event, whether it be a day, evening or late night event, you will need to manage the music accordingly. Ensure that the sets will be long or numerous enough to thrive throughout the evening and come to natural close.

If you decide to have both a DJ and live band then you might be faced with double booking issues. This would necessitate the negotiation of timings and setting up for both performers. Additionally, this would lead to more negotiating with your venue to allow for the setting up of various sound systems.

Alternatively entertainment agencies, such as Mango Music, offer package deals if you require more than one variety of musical entertainment. For example, they offer bands and singers with prices from £800 to £1000 which all include a DJ set.

Hire a DJ school graduate to save on costs

Graduates from prestigious DJ course schools offer a unique opportunity to get your event entertainment for less. Recent graduates will have the skills to select the best music for the mood of your event, moving it seamlessly from casual dining to evening party.

Graduates from schools such as Subbass, a London DJ and audio production school, go on to play at large, reputable venues like Ministry of Sound. However, they won’t have as much experience under their belts. As a result, you will be able to hire them for a fraction of the cost of a more experienced DJ.

Just ensure that you check their credentials and, like with any band, check out a sample of their work. You can do this easily via online mediums or at live events when possible.

Schedule the performances around the meal or speeches

While the reason for your event will largely dictate the running order of events, it is important to consider and consult with your entertainment regarding when they will perform.

If you are having a company dinner or are serving a seated meal then you will want to take your music choice into account. For example, a welcoming instrumental soundtrack will allow guests to mingle and greet one another.

During the meal or between speeches you may want musical interludes, this is something that could be provided by either the band or DJ. Then when the music becomes more a focal point, a band can add vocals to their arrangements or be replaced by a DJ.

Consider the venue size and how music will carry

Depending on your venue of choice and the size of the event, you may need to hire an audio event production company, such as Perception. If you are in a larger hall or room that does not have integrated sound systems or a built in stage then your band will require some sound equipment.

As event organisers, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the band has enough speaker systems to be heard throughout the event area. You will also need to have the correct equipment for both band and DJ sets if required, which could include a lot of cabling. Using a third party to sort this will make your job that much easier as they will be experts in the subtle system differences.

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