Mid year review season is here again! Many of you will be completing your mid year review paperwork, looking back on the last 6 months to see what you have accomplished and having conversations with your managers regarding your performance to date. Mid year reviews are a necessary process for assistants and everyone should have a meeting booked in their Executive’s diary over the next few weeks. I’ve always said recognition and reward for assistants really can depend on these reviews.

Anyway I will stopping nagging you all now… this blog isn’t about your appraisal it is about your manager’s! Once you have both completed your mid year reviews book another meeting with your manager to discuss their objectives. Why might you ask? Well, for assistants, it is crucial that you know exactly what your Executive’s goals are for the rest of the year. There are a number of reasons this is important, here are just a few:

  • Understanding what motivates your Executive is a crucial aspect of the role. If you know what exactly drives them to succeed you can support them in achieving their goals.
  • Your objectives should be aligned with their objectives. So example if they have a strategic objective, something like ‘increase awareness of brand x’, you should have a practical objective, something like ‘organise launch party for brand x’ 
  • If you know the areas your manager is focusing on for the rest of this year you can prioritise your workload so that tasks relating to these areas are completed first. Your manager will thank you for this one.
  • You can also priorities meetings, tasks and emails relating to these key areas. Again if you know what is important to your Executive you can use this information to enhance your gatekeeping role.

Your manager might be a little taken aback if this is the first meeting you have organised to discuss their objectives but it is well worth having. It also makes you look super proactive and willing to support their needs throughout the rest of 2015.

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