If you think about some of the most famous brands across the globe they will all have a unique attribute that makes them stand out from their competitors be it Nike, Coca-Cola or Apple. We all know what the companies stand for. We also know what Oprah Winfrey stands for and we are all aware of brand Beckham so we know that individuals can also have strong personal brands.  Why not assistants? Administrative professionals make up a fifth of the working population so although there are plenty of jobs the competition is tough, particularly for the senior assistant roles. Assistants need to stand out from the crowd and a strong personal brand can certainly help!

Building a personal brand

Personal branding is about your reputation and how your potential employer sees you.  If you are an assistant that quietly gets things done behind the scene without much fuss you might think you will not have as much of an impact compared to an assistant who is loud and proud.  But your reputation might be that you are easy to work with and always delivers what is asked of you. At the other end of the scale you might be an extrovert who is fantastic at rallying the troops and a real team player.  You might not have given much thought to how others see you but it is important for you to be able to identify your unique attributes. Once you are aware of your unique attributes you can sell your personal brand to an organisation.

Using your personal brand to land your dream role

There are a number of opportunities to sell your personal brand during the job hunting process. Firstly your CV should be a reflection of your brand. Every detail should demonstrate the unique attributes that you can bring to the organisation. This could be your extensive experience, your amazing qualifications or your loyalty. Use your opening statement to promote your personal brand from the outset. This will give any potential employer a good understanding of who you are and what you can bring to the role.

During the interview is your time to shine. Having a good understanding of your personal brand and how it can match the organisation and the role will certainly help you sell yourself. It will also allow you to remain focused during the interview as you will be able to relate each question back to your key attributes. Remember that first impressions count so if you are selling yourself as someone who is organised it is important that you turn up to the interview on time and prepared.

You can use social media to really push your personal brand, particularly if you sell yourself as someone who understands technology. Your social media profiles will almost certainly be reviewed by any potential employer so do use this to your advantage. Your LinkedIn profile, for example, can be used a lot more creatively than your CV. Before you do start the job hunting process do ensure your social media presence reflects your professionalism. Do not have anything that would negatively impact your personal brand.

Remember having your own personal brand will really help you stand out from the crowd. There are so many assistants in the marketplace but how many have your unique attributes and skills? Not many is the answer to that – so use what you have to your advantage!

Work with a recruitment agency that understands your personal brand

Bain and Gray offer a very personal service tailored specifically to both their candidate’s and client’s needs.  One of the major reasons Bain and Gray is so different from other agencies is that they put as much emphasis on their candidate care as that of their clients.  They treat all their candidates like individuals and take time to get to know them so they find the best job for their candidates and their career.

When you register with Bain and Gray you will never spend hours doing tests.  The registration time is spent talking to you and getting to know you as a person with your individual hopes and aspirations for your future.  They will talk through your career history to date and all the experience you have accumulated, whether you are looking for your first job, or your next big jump as a PA.  They pride themselves on listening to their candidates, not pushing them at the first thing that comes along.


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