We recently worked with Gallus Events who managed our Assist Travel event in London. The event management was seamless and one of the main reasons was because they used an online event registration / management platform called Eventbrite. I’ve mentioned Eventbrite a few times on the blog and it has been my ‘event tech of the week’. So good is the system that I wanted to highlight it to you guys.

Eventbrite Event Management

There’s a good chance you have already attended an event using Eventbrite as the platform is the most popular ticketing system in the world. The main reason it is so popular is that it takes only a few moments to set up an event on the platform. The ease of setting up any event is no doubt a huge benefit for assistants who simply don’t have the time to get used to complicated systems for their events. William from Gallus Events curates an Event, Travel and Hospitality Technology Show and is a big fan of the platform: “It’s an industry standard practice to compare the usability of event, travel and hospitality technology to Eventbrite. It is universally regarded as the easiest platform to use and is one of the mains reasons it is so popular”  

Should it be more popular for assistants?

I decided to look at how easy it was to use from an assistants perspective and to think about what events we could use if for. Firstly I was shocked to hear that the system was FREE for any event that didn’t sell tickets. So literally millions of events are organised on the platform for free. Unlike other platforms you don’t get a lesser service if you use it for free, you get all of the functionality that a paid for event has. So whether or not you charge for your event (Eventbrite earns a small fee from each ticket) or run it for free you are able to:

  • set up the event in a few moments
  • have a dedicated home page for your event that offers a lot of customisation
  • have tracking links so you know easily where your bookings come from
  • have automated emails going out to attendees – so no replying to individual bookings!
  • run reports on who is attending, who has paid, who has requested different dietary requirements, etc.
  • easily post the event to your social media channels in one click
  • collect payments and send automated invoices
  • allow you to show or keep private who is already attending

Eventbrite allows links to popular platforms that many assistants already use like mailing platform Mailchimp, survey platform Survey Monkey and database High-rise. So Eventbrite easily sits alongside other popular platforms that we will already be using.

What events can be managed on Eventbrite?

Well certainly if you are an assistant who runs any paid for event you really should look at Eventbrite. The functionality and ease of use mean it is well worth the small fee for each ticket. I would also encourage you to ask your agency to look at using Eventbrite as you would easily be able to keep on top of reports and sales with easy access to the platform.

Assistants should certainly consider it for any event where you have more than twenty delegates (so think events and not large meetings). If you have a Christmas party coming up you could set the event up on Eventbrite. If you have a staff away day using Eventbrite will save you hours or possibly days in the management of the event! Should you be involved in a large lunch or dinner Eventbrite will be very useful there as well.

The fact that you can hide the events from the search function and you don’t need to display the attendees will help you get over any potential internal issues using the platform.

I can’t really think of a big event that I wouldn’t use the platform for now that I’ve used it for Assist Travel. It almost wants me to run more events. Well almost.

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