At our recent Assist Travel event one of the most interesting topics discussed was the trials and tribulations of organising visas for our Executives. It seems everyone there had a story or two to tell so I asked our exhibitors, Blair Consular, to give a few more tips on dealing with Visas.

Key rules:

  • Before completing a Visa application, familiarise yourself with any Embassy closures or rule changes – these will affect your Visa processing time.
  • Always leave plenty of time – Embassies can request additional information and documentation without prior warning.
  • Complete all forms carefully.
  • Make sure that all of your documents match – for example, they all need to state the same Visa duration and trip purpose.
  • Check how long your Executives Passport is valid for – most countries will need at least six months validity.

Points to be aware of:

Every PA will know the feeling when a Visa application doesn’t work out – it’s probably one of the most stressful elements of booking travel. One of the top rules with Visas is to leave plenty of time to avoid last minute stress. We’ve seen numerous applications where it’s been the last part of the trip to be arranged, and most of the time the application is smooth sailing – but it’s not always successful! To help plan your Visas, we’ve put together this table for some key points for the most problematic Visa destinations:


How to avoid disasters

I would always recommend using a Consular Agent to handle your Visa applications – you can’t underestimate the benefits of knowledge and experience when dealing with Embassies! A good Visa agent will pre-check your application before lodging it, offer advice and be there to guide you through the process. At Blair Consular Services, we offer:

  • Full application checking service to minimise rejections
  • Free of charge local courier collection/delivery service
  • Lodging service – All applications are lodged the following working day after receipt of the documents, and will be lodged by a Visa trained courier. All of our Visa applications are dealt with exclusively by Blair employees
  • Full online tracking facility
  • Collection of the completed Visa
  • Expedited return of the Visa – We can arrange airport meets, an international courier or motorbike if necessary
  • All clients will be assigned an Account Manager, allowing us to provide the best level of service possible.

To find out more information on our services, please visit our website or email us at Logo NEW 17-5-10

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