Booking business travel can be a lengthy process. There is a pressure to get the best deal on better seats and this can become time consuming as you wade through the hundreds of times, airlines and dates.

Apps are taking advantage of this user fatigue by aiming to make booking travel a simple and quick process. At the same time, they are able to make the most of the rising number of mobile users.

But are apps the way forward in business travel today? Or is it the human touch that gets the best deals?

Apps for business jet charters exist but aren’t tried and tested

There have been a number of apps created over the years for both commercial and private business jet charter flyers but none seem to have caught on. Bespoke Air Charter, a London based private charter company, suggest that the reason for this may be because they lack personal industry knowledge.

Knowing of their market, not just the users but the jet owners, pilots and crew allows charter companies to offer the best prices to their clients. Their personal experience and understanding of their industry help them to advise you about the best choices of jet and departure times to minimise costs for your needs.

Recently launched private jet charter app, Victor aims to bridge the gap between industry knowledge and ease of online booking. Utilising the growing mobile user market, the app offers details such as crew member IDs, jet specifications along with the various rates available.

Victor is the newest app of its kind with emphasis on transparency and cutting their costs to 10% as a booking fee. However, it remains to be seen if they can fulfill their promises and actually offer competitive rates.

New Native app is the assistant’s assistant

A brand new app called Native looks at helping both business and public flyers to get the high street travel agent experience on the go. Startup Native is a travel assistant app, evolved from a need to add a human touch to mobile bookings.

It aims to be a fully comprehensive helper for flyers, offering a range of departure and arrival times, logistical advice and travel to accommodation in order to minimise the amount of time users spend pre and during travel to ensure the trips run smoothly.

Native is new to the market but it’s got a lot of potential, especially if you are a regular business traveller. Charging $25 per month, with a full service similar to private charter companies, by personally finding you connecting flights if you miss one or calling airlines to make seat allocation changes.

As one early user wrote for “Native’s highly trained travel agent on the other side of the conversation allows the apps to provide the right itinerary, eliminating all the hours spent sorting ad culling travel options.”

Much like Victor, Native’s effectiveness and ability to last remains to be seen. For early adopters of those who want to keep ahead of the best travel technologies, it bears serious consideration.

Traditional routes are the safest bet, apps are for the risk takers

Booking business travel, is there an app for that? Yes, is the simple answer. Apps do exist to help you “uber” business jet charters, but they don’t have a history of reliability because they are too new. If you, and your company, are willing to take a risk by being an early adopter of apps with great potential then you should.

Otherwise, make the most of the real knowledge of those running established travel agents or charter companies who offer a human, personal touch. You might even be able to negotiate special offline deals if you are booking for frequent business flyers or multiple flights.

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