During Assist Travel 2015 we are running a brilliant interactive session called …What happened next? I’m really looking forward to this one because we will look at how assistants have worked their magic to fix all manner of travel mishaps from cancelled flights, erupting volcanos to the wrong visas and flat tires. Using real life stories and worst case scenarios this session is going to be a lot of fun and we will also come up with a load of practical advice that the attendees can take back to the office and use next time they have a travel disaster on their hands!

So here is where you guys come in! I know the Practically Perfect PA readers have a wealth of knowledge that can be shared with the Assist Travel attendees and I bet you all have a story or two to tell when it comes to travel chaos. I have put a little contact box below and would love, love, love if you could share your worst case scenarios with me and of course how you fixed the problems you were faced with. I will pick 5 or 6 stories to use as case studies in the session so the more detail you give me the better. The form is of course anonymous. There are still places available to attend Assist Travel so if you do want to come along you can book your free place here. If you are reading the blog post on email here is a link to the contact box.

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