I had an absolute blast during the London Olympics in 2012 and although the winter Olympics isn’t going to be quite the same I am looking forward to seeing the athletes perform in frankly freezing conditions (something I know a little about as I am currently in Chicago where it is -17c). Anyway, it got me to thinking about the skills we as assistants have… if we were competing in the office Winter Olympics what events would we excel at?

Alpine Skiing

Racing to the finish line while trying to keep a high speed despite numerous twists and turns. That could be any day of the week for assistants running around the office and getting stuff done!


Doing all the initial work up front, getting your team into the bobsleigh and on to the course and then maintaining good teamwork despite some 180 degree turns… hum dealing with u-turns every few minutes without much of a choice…. hum…


It takes teamwork and strategy to get the stone to its target. Assistants would ace a curling competition because we are such great team players. In fact we’d be there, broom in hand ready to get that stone to its home. Cause, you know, we are used to sweeping up after everyone!

Figure Skating

Gracefully leaping through the air, spinning, spiralling and stepping in time with your partner all in the hope they don’t drop you on your head. The effortless synchronicity between the two skaters takes years of practice and the same can be said between assistants and their executives. In the early days expect a few frosty looks before you both skate beautifully together.

Ice Hockey

Hitting a small target despite being surrounded by big tough men who want to get in your way. Assistants could whizz around hockey players with ease. Oh and don’t get me started on who I would send to the sin bin (or bash in the face as that seems allowed too!)

Ski Jumping

Bravely leaping through the air without a second thought. Ski jumpers are the superheroes of the Winter Olympics and assistants are the superheroes of the office Olympics. Thank goodness we just don’t have to wear lycra!

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