Ten tips for organising a business trip to… New York City

Having recently spent two months travelling around the States for a mixture of business and pleasure I definitely have a new found respect for our Executives, particularly those that travel week after week. I am speaking at the Conference and Hospitality show in Leeds next week on travel itineraries and my recent travels has certainly had an impact on my presentation. My trip has really brought it home to me how important travel itineraries are and how helpful it is to have an assistant organise the trip from start to finish!

When our managers travel for business they don’t get to relax, they don’t get to see the sights and they don’t get to work on their tan. It isn’t like that. Usually they are traveling between airports, hotels and offices and they don’t really see anything of the city. Along with all the usual stresses associated with travel our boss also has to attend meetings and act professionally while dealing with jet lag, the continuous business activities back in the UK and they are also away from their family. This is where assistants come in handy!

Most assistants will organise a business trip to New York at least once in their career. The last stop on my whirlwind tour of the USA was in a flipping freezing New York City so I thought I would share my business travel tips with you. There are loads and loads of restaurants and bars in NYC so I think it is best to speak to a local for great recommendations. These tips are designed for assistants that want to get their boss from A to B without too much stress!

Here are my essential top ten tips for organising a business trip to New York City, with thanks to NYC & Company for their support during the trip (if you are reading this via email click here).

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