After many many years of booking business travel to Houston for my Executives I finally got to travel there myself in January 2014. I had certain expectations about Houston based on all of the itineraries I had created. The oil and gas industry weaves its power and money through the city and I must admit I thought Houston would be made up of lots of impressive skyscrapers and activities designed for  middle aged businessmen. In the end, I spent 4 days in Houston and I was completely blown away by how much there was to do and actually how fantastic the city was for all types of tourists. It is a very welcoming city and despite the wealth it is a also a relatively inexpensive city. Hotel rooms in 4 or 5 star properties are cheap in comparison to other US cities. There are two major airports servicing Houston so there are lots of different flight options. As you would expect there service levels are incredibly high particularly in restaurants, hotels and bars.

With 31% of visitors travelling to Houston for business many assistants will, at some point in their career, book business travel to Houston. It is a huge city and unless your Executive is being looked after from the moment they land they may need a lot of help getting the best out of their trip. For example, taxi fares are ridiculously expensive but saying that districts in Houston are miles apart and the traffic can be bad, particularly during rush hour. For assistants, planning will be crucial when organising business travel to Houston.  Here are my top ten tips for business travel to Houston.

10 tips for business travel to Houston Texas - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


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