Understanding technology has always been an important part of the assistant role. From the early days of the typewriter to the more recent Apple explosion we do have to know about technology because we use it every day in our jobs and most of our colleagues rely on us to fix all of their technology problems. It is also important because technology really does enable us to be better at our jobs. Think about how Microsoft Outlook has revolutionised diary and email management , we are so reliant on Outlook (and its equivalients) these days and we will be for a long time to come yet. But there are other technologies out there that can revolutionise other aspect of our role. So with that in mind I am going to introduce another new feature on the blog – Technology of the week. Each technology or platform will be something that I use frequently and want to recommend to the Practically Perfect PA readers. First up is one of my favourites – Haiku Deck.

What is Haiku Deck?

Haiku Deck is an online platform and an iPad App that allows users to create beautiful presentations. With Haiku Deck, anyone can easily create a flawless presentation that can be easily projected, shared, posted, embedded on a website or blog, or viewed on any web-enabled device.

What does it do?

The folks behind Haiku Deck hit on a great idea. We all use the same tools to create presentations. We have been using these tools in the same way for years, “using lame templates, fiddling with the space between our bullets, and wrestling with bulky file attachments”. I’m sure assistants can certainly relate to that statement!!

Creating presentations should be a fun, easy and creative experience. This is something, I think Haiku Deck do really well. Here is a little Haiku Deck that illustrates their approach to presentations.

Technology of the week - Haiku Deck

How does it benefit assistants?

I have been designing a lot of presentations over the years and more recently for my own little foray into the world of public speaking. When I say a lot of presentations I mean A LOT! So I’m really pleased I stumbled across Haiku Deck and I really have been a massive fan of it ever since! If your Executive does many public speaking events or presents to staff then I’d seriously suggest you check out Haiku Deck. The images are copyright free and they are great, there are text and filters that you can add to make the presentation look really different. The charts and bullet points are also really great to play around with. The technology is simple to use, presentations are created really quickly. Assistants can import their own images or look on the collection provided by Haiku Deck. Once you have put the presentation together you can export the slides to Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF or straight to social media. If your boss comes back with changes, again it is easy to play around with the presentation until it is perfect.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s technology of the week?

I love Haiku Deck. I have been using it for just over a year now and I really wouldn’t be without it. I use the platform to create my public speaking presentations, to source copyright free images and to create simple charts. I also love the Haiku Deck Gallery – which is full of interesting presentations and it is also a good place to get inspiration for my presentations. Did I mention Haiku Deck is free?