What is befunky.com?

Befunky.com is a website dedicated to making photo editing as much fun as taking the picture was in the first place. On the website and via the App users are able to edit photos, add effects and create photo collages.

What does it do?

The photo editing function allows users to crop, resize, or add a frame to the phone. Users can also adjust the colour, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. Befunky.com has loads of different photo effects to play around with and the collage maker has lots of unique templates.

Technology of the week: befunky.com

How does it benefit assistants?

If you haven’t already, you will at some point be asked to edit photos or pictures. You are probably doing this in your personal life but editing work related selfies will soon be a task given to assistants! Rather than using your Instagram account or the apps on your personal phone befunky.com is available online, it lets you edit a photo without sharing it online and you can download the finished photo straight to your computer. If you are an assistant looking after your organisation’s social media channels you will need good online photo editing software and befunky.com is certainly the best and easiest I have used.

Technology of the week: befunky.com

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s technology of the week?

I use befunky.com all the time, for my own photos and for the website. The website is easy to navigate, the software is really straight forward and it is totally free. They do operate a ‘freeminum’ model but you will find that the free software is more than adequate for all types of photo editing.