A few years ago I was travelling with my boss to a number of appointments around London. It was February and it had just started to snow. Anyone that lives and works in London will know that the first sign of snow will initiate a complete meltdown of all public transport systems from airplanes to buses and everything in between. We had decided that they best way to get to all of our appointments was by cab so you can imagine my dismay when I couldn’t for the life of me hail a cab. They were all full with people avoiding the snow and frantically trying to make their way home before London went on lock down. The only transport available was the over crowded London Underground which my boss hated using and the beloved ‘Boris bikes’, which were somewhat of a health and safety hazard. Not to mention that my boss didn’t like the tube so you can imagine how he felt about bicycles. The weather was terrible and we ended up having to cancel practically all of our meetings and slowly make our way back to the office (via the dreaded tube). My Executive was not impressed and so the very next day I signed up to a corporate taxi service – GetTaxi! Here are six reasons why I decided to join GetTaxi and why I think every assistant should be using their service.

1. Black Cabs

GetTaxi use the UK’s iconic black cabs for all of their clients. Using a black cab has many benefits – they are trusted by millions of Londoners every day, the drivers have years of experience and know London like the back of their hand, only black cabs can use bus lanes and there are a number of seating options in the cab. Unlike a black cab you would usually hail on the street, you and GetTaxi are able to access records of your journeys and trace the driver in case you or your Executive leaves anything in the cab. All cabs can be booked in advance, so if you know your boss will need a cab for a future meeting you can get the taxi ordered at the beginning of the week.

2. GetTaxi Corporate Accounts

Everyone that signs up to a GetTaxi Corporate Account will have access to a dedicated account manager and access to a 24hr customer service number. The account can be managed online via www.gettaxi.co.uk. The web portal also features comprehensive analytics on your spend and usage. In fact, I found out the other day that half the Fortune 500 companies use GetTaxi’s corporate service. Wow…

3. GetTaxi App

I downloaded the GetTaxi app a few years ago and it has been on my iPhone ever since. It is simple, easy to use and available 24/7. I use it personally for nights out in London as it saves me having to wait outside (usually in the cold) for a cab and I don’t have to worry about getting cash out – the app does the lot. The drivers tend to arrive within 5 minutes, which gives you a chance to finish your drink and say goodbye to your friends, or if I’m feeling really organised, I also use the pre-booking service. I also think it is safer to use than a black cab because you know they are fully licensed and that your journey can be traced by GetTaxi HQ if need be.

The app is also really useful for businesses. Every employee that uses the account can download the Get Taxi app and this can be linked to the corporate account, allowing users to simply switch between business and private rides in the app, so that the employee does not have to pay for the taxi upfront. They can book a taxi from anywhere and it will arrive in good time. They can also use the app to track bookings made for them by their assistant or reception.

4. GetTaxi Desktop

All of your organisation’s assistants can have access to the GetTaxi desktop. From the desktop they can schedule and book taxis on behalf of other members of staff and keep track of staff who are using the corporate account, which makes it easier to spot any colleagues using the service a little too much for personal journeys!

5. No more taxi receipts!

Another great benefit for assistants is that your Executive will no longer have to collect taxi receipts and hand them to you for processing, as all of the GetTaxi rides are automatically added to your billing account which can be viewed online and on your monthly invoice. How much time does this save assistants?! A lot if you think about all of the time wasted investigating taxi receipts without a date or sometimes even a price.

6. Payments and Invoice

If you would like to keep your usage separate from other departments or Executives, each assistant can add their own Director’s company credit card to the GetTaxi account which will allow each assistant to see their own Executive’s individual statements. This is great for budgeting purposes and makes it really easy for each department to keep a track of their own spending on travel. The invoices are detailed and each assistant will be able to track their own department’s expenditure and usage. The same can be done with cost codes or reference numbers, in fact the system can be customised to meet your companies reporting needs.

With well over 3,000 GetTaxi drivers (and growing!) in London this really is a fantastic service which I highly recommend all assistants use. Especially with winter finally here and with it the frantic dash for a taxi before the rain and snow really starts to come down!

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Six reasons every assistant should be using a corporate taxi service

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