A short and sweet blog post today. I was going to write about setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ nicely but then I found this article – and it is better than anything I could have written so I thought I would share it with you. There are some really useful tips and I particularly like the examples of what to say in different situations. Assistants are notorious for being go-to people and this article gives a good account of why this might be an issue in the long term.

Here is the link: Setting Boundaries & saying no… Nicely

I would just add that it is so easy for assistants to fall into the trap of being the office people pleaser. We do tend to be the go-to person for every question and request. This is part of the job that I personally love but in the past colleagues have taken advantage of my willingness to please! I found that taking on every task and helping every colleague did not help my productivity. Also, my manager always saw that I was busy with the everyday tasks so didn’t ask me to work on anything more challenging. I only realised this when I handed my notice in because I didn’t feel challenged! Talk about a vicious circle!

This is why I do think for assistants, setting boundaries and learning to say no is an important issue. If we are always busy doing work for colleagues that they should do themselves we could be missing out on really great projects which could get us promoted, increase our salary – or who knows what! This article really is well worth a read – I would suggest keeping a copy of it so that you can practise your responses. Next time you get asked to do something you simply don’t have the time for you will be able to say no… nicely!