There are four Tune Hotels in London and one in Edinburgh. If occupancy in the Tune Hotel Liverpool Street is anything to go by they will surely be opening more soon.

It would be very easy and slightly lazy to call them the Ryanair of the hotel world. I think others might have seen a similarity because they charge for the types of things that most hotels include in the fee. At a Tune Hotel you can pay for extras such as a TV or a hairdryer and you have to pay for extra services like storing your bags, arriving early or leaving late. But to concentrate on that is to miss the essence of what a Tune Hotel is all about: you only pay for what you want and this allows the chain to offer very competitive prices for everyone.


A Tune Hotel is unquestionably a budget option and unless you are the most cost conscious of companies you wouldn’t be looking at this hotel for your Executive. If, however, you are working for a startup company or you are looking to book rooms for contractors or other staff these hotels are well worth considering. The Bank of Scotland showing unheralded cost awareness block book rooms for their staff in the Tune Hotel in Liverpool Street rather than the much pricier hotels just around the corner; so there is definitely a business and cost aspect to these hotels.


I arrived at the hotel directly from Heathrow after an overnight flight from New York and I desperately needed some sleep. If I’m honest, it was with some trepidation that I entered the hotel lobby. A budget hotel in the centre of London on a Friday afternoon brought forth scary connotations of loud traffic and the general hustle and bustle of a major city. With the hotel only a slip and slide away from East London the idea of a quiet Friday night didn’t look like a likely option either. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with an easy and tranquil nap in the afternoon and a proper eight hours undisturbed night’s sleep.


The room was everything you really needed if you simply wanted to crash somewhere after a long trip or a full days work. It isn’t the type of place where you would happily catch up on some work in front of your laptop (you of course have to pay for WiFi), as the rooms just aren’t designed for that. If, however, the person you are booking for is working long hours and just needs a convenient place to rest the Tune Hotels are a great option.


Outside the compact room the hotel had some great communal spaces and a quite stunning garden area in the back of the hotel. They also had very reasonable priced coffees, drinks and snacks so you could easily see yourself doing a chore or two downstairs in the hotel. The staff were perfectly polite and helpful and the general atmosphere of a hotel was pretty far removed from a Ryanair flight!


On the Saturday morning I left refreshed and walked straight into the vibrant East End of London. Happy and refreshed? Any hotel that gives me that… well that is a  tune I would happily whistle.
Tune Hotel – Liverpool Street, London13-15 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX, United Kingdom
Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at The Tune Hotel. Opinions are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate is £95 per room (May 2014). 

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