What an absolute godsend The Talbott Hotel is! I arrived into Chicago following a very very long over night journey from Memphis and all I wanted to do was get to my hotel so that I could catch up on some much needed sleep. Luckily I was staying at The Talbott, a hotel that didn’t mind checking me in at 8am. In fact the lovely receptionist even apologised for keeping me waiting 10 minutes so that they could check the room was ready for me. Now that is customer service!

During the 10 minutes I had to wait for my room I was able to rest my travel weary body on one of the comfortable sofas next to the open fire in the lobby area. It was -10c outside and the heat from the fire really did warm the soul as much as it warmed my hands. Built in 1927, The Talbott has the feel of a gentleman’s club with its leather sofas and mahogany details. Although there were quite a few European references dotted around the lobby I still very much felt like I was in Chicago – for me Chicago and the 1920s just go hand in hand.

Located in the Gold Coast area of Chicago The Talbott is an independent boutique hotel owned by the same person since the 1960s which is very unusual these days. The Gold Coast area has lots of hotels but they are predominately owned by international chains and so The Talbott is quite unique and I think it makes all the difference. The service is very personal and the staff seem to take pride in the hotel and are passionate about it. The fact I was able to get into my room at 8am was due to the hotel being privately owned and not tied to a standard check in time and procedure.

I must say I’ve never been so pleased to see a bed so if you had asked me to review the room then and there I would have said it was the best hotel room in the world but then again I would have said anything to get some sleep. After what can only be described as total oblivion I woke, wiped the sleep from my eyes and surveyed my new surroundings.  My initial assessment of the place wasn’t far off  – the suite was fantastic.

The Talbott Hotel, Chicago

The bedroom itself was elegantly furnished with a huge pillow top king size bed, which was very comfortable. The bedroom adjoined a massive bathroom with separate shower and bath along with two separate sink areas. I love a bathroom that has plenty of space and light for me to do my makeup and the Talbott bathroom had that in abundance. The bathrobes were glorious and as it was so cold outside I felt it would only be in my best interest to wear my bathrobe as much as possible – you know, to keep warm… Anyway, the living room came with a great big TV, seating area and a large desk which I spent quite a few hours working from.

The beauty of The Talbott is its mixture of old and new. It feels like a stately home but all of the amenities are modern and really well thought through. The hotel prides itself on its green initiatives or as they like to call it “sustainability without compromise” which entails reducing their carbon footprint while continuing to meet guest’s expectations for a luxury hotel. I’ve heard many hotels talk about this issue over the years but the Talbott does seem to have a real concern for the environment and can be seen in their extensive recycling programme, green technology and purchasing carbon offsetting. I particularly liked their “eco-mode” for guest rooms – a simple, one-touch button that wirelessly alerts hotel staff that the guest has chosen to have the bed and bath linens replaced every other day and also allows the room temperature to adjust within eight degrees while guests are out of the room.

Another great feature is the Apple TVs in all of the bedrooms. Not only do they look very cool, guests can also sync their laptops with the TVs so that they can watch their own content or use the TV as a huge screen to work from. The great use of technology doesn’t stop in the guest rooms it can also be found throughout the event space. The Talbott has three meeting rooms all of which are decorated in a similar style to the rest of the hotel and can be used for meetings, private dining and conferences.

The dining options for guests at The Talbott are vast. The hotel is right in the centre of the Gold Coast which means that the city’s best restaurants are a short walk away (not to mention the most amazing shops). The hotel itself is right next door to the Little Market Brasserie which serves food throughout the day.

Why book The Talbott for your boss? The main selling point I think for The Talbott is that it is different. It mixes old and new fantastically well along with being a really luxurious boutique hotel. The staff are fantastic and your manager will be well looked after by them. The technology in the hotel is better than you see in most business hotels which means that your boss will get the best of both worlds – a beautiful and comfortable hotel with the benefit of impeccable WiFi and business facilities.

The Talbott Hotel, 20 E.Delaware Place, Chicago IL 60611

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Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at The Talbott Hotel. Opinions are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate is $139 per person (March 2014)

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