On my second night in Washington DC I was pleased to be staying in the Hilton Garden Inn because I always know what to expect from a Hilton – attentive service, clean and comfortable rooms, perfect wifi and great dining options. I wasn’t disappointed!

The front desk staff were particularly charming. I arrived early and was given the option of taking a 2nd floor room immediately or waiting for my actual room on the 9th floor to become available. I thought this was a nice touch. I decided to wait because it is so much quieter the higher up you go in a city hotel.

The weather in DC had finally improved, going from an absolutely intolerable -14 to an almost balmy -1, so I decided to brave the outside world and do some sightseeing. The Hilton Garden Inn is located within walking distance of most of DC’s tourist attractions, including the White House, Washington Monument and the Smithsonian Museums. Washington DC is not a cheap town so having a hotel in such a prime location really does ease any budgetary constraints when it comes to transport.

After a few hours outside braving the elements and taking very quick pictures on my camera before shoving my hands back in my pockets I settled into my hotel room and did a few hours work. The room was perfect for what I needed. Functional, clean and with a great desk that I could actually sit and work from (not always the case with hotels). The wifi was free, again not always the case and worked without a hitch.

The Hilton certainly know how to look after business travellers, everything is easy and stress free. Exactly what you want when you have travelled into the city for business meetings and just want to relax in your hotel after a long day. The hotel also has a great meeting and events space, which business travellers can use for an impromptu meeting or hire the entire space for up to 155 guests. Great news for assistants back in the UK wondering how they organise a meeting room in a city they don’t know with 1 hours notice! Another bonus, they have a complimentary printing  service, video conferencing and a 24 hour business centre for anything else your boss might need.

After a wonderful night out in DC I had an equally wonderful night sleep (the bed was really comfortable, it wasn’t the 3 cocktails I’d consumed at dinner.) Prior to breakfast I made my way down to the fitness centre and swimming pool to work off some of the previous evening’s excess. Again everything was easy to use, towels and water were provided. The swimming pool was a little on the small side, but who is going to complain about that when so many hotels don’t have baths let alone swimming pools!

Following the slightly dubious attempt at exercise I decided to refuel with a cooked to order breakfast and a large cup of coffee, both of which were excellent before making my way back onto the streets of downtown DC for more sightseeing (this time in the rain).

Why book your boss into the Hilton Garden Inn? The location is perfect, the service is great and you will know that your manager is taken care of from the moment they step into the lobby. There are a lot of expensive full-service hotels in the area, which the Hilton has to compete with. It has clearly upped its game but still remains a budget friendly option.

Hilton Garden Inn, 815 14th St., NW, Washington DC, DC 20005

The Hilton Garden Inn, Washington DC

Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at the Hilton Garden Inn. Opinions are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate per night $219 (January 2014). 

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