Boston is one of those places in life that I have always wanted to visit. From my early obsession with Sam from Cheers to my absolute love of Ally McBeal, Boston has been at the top of my travel to do list for a long long time. So you can imagine my excitement when I landed into Logan airport and heard the first of many genuine Boston accents. I almost jumped for joy. Although that would have been totally inappropriate in Boston – cause everyone is just so damn cool… and a little bit scary.

The Colonnade, Boston

The Colonnade was to be my hotel for the next 5 days and it couldn’t have been in a better spot – the funky area of Back Bay. The snow had once again hit my destination of choice and was coming down fast. Luckily, the hotel was so easy to get to from the airport and was opposite Copley Square – the biggest shopping mall in Boston so I didn’t have to venture too far to find provisions before I hunkered down in what was to be a very comfortable hotel room.

But I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about my first impressions… first! The hotel check-in was quick and painless. The staff were very apologetic about the weather but I said to them “what can you do?!”… as it turns out quite a lot despite the snow. Bostonians are a tough bunch and freezing temperatures didn’t seem to stop them one iota.

Let’s get back to the room, it was a standard room with a huge king sized bed, double wardrobe, desk and chair and to top it off a really nice sized bathroom.  With so much stuff in the room there wasn’t much space to walk around! The room had a huge window overlooking the shopping mall and I could just about make out the Museum of Fine Arts if I stood at a certain angle. For a business traveller the room was more than adequate with everything they might need.

The Colonnade, Boston

By the time I had unpacked, napped and tried the bathrobe on for size the snowstorm was in full flow. I wasn’t going to see much of Boston – that is if you exclude the awesome dudes on snow ploughs working their way up and down the street outside. So instead I made my way over the road to the shopping mall to find something to eat. You’ve got to love a hotel that has good local amenities; it makes such a big difference – especially when the weather is almost biblical.

The following morning I looked out the window to see horrible grey skies and rain – but the snow had stopped – thank heaven for small mercies! I first had a date with the hotel gym but then I was determined to get out and about. The gym visit was a little quicker than I had expected following an incident with an over zealous maid who tried to dust the treadmill while I was actually on it! Something told me she wanted me out of the gym, as it isn’t my favourite place to hang out I happily obliged. Others may have been a little disgruntled!

Out and about I certainly did get. The subway system in Boston is fantastic and there is a stop literally right outside the Colonnade, which is incredibly handy. Two or three stops on the subway will see you in the centre of town. And what a town it is – I always thought I would love Boston and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

 The Colonnade, Boston

By the time I got back to the Colonnade the snow had decided to come back to town so I was once again hunkered down in my hotel. The Colonnade does have a really popular restaurant called Brasserie Jo. Patrons were a mixture of hotel guests and locals and the food was pretty damn good. You can read my review next week.

All in all I was really pleased with my stay at the Colonnade. The location is perfect – it is right next to a metro stop or in better weather 5 minutes walk to Fenway Park, Newbury Street, The Hynes Convention Center and Boston Common. I will certainly be back to Boston and I will certainly be back to the Colonnade.

Why book the Colonnade for your boss? The location is great, especially if your manager likes to stay in a cool neighbourhood. The rooms are comfortable and the amenities are fine for business travellers. There is apparently a roof top pool but it was shut during my stay. Brasserie Jo is a great hotel restaurant and your manager can take clients there for a good meal.

The Colonnade Hotel, 120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, USA.

The Colonnade, Boston

Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at The Colonnade Hotel. Opinions are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate is $271 per person (April 2014)

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