So the first question to ask is… do you have a boss that is pretty cool? The second question to ask is… do you have a boss who thinks that they are pretty cool? If you answer yes to either of these questions then the ACME Hotel Company is the place for your boss! It is quite possibly the coolest hotel I have ever been too. If your boss is slightly unconventional, they will love the ACME!

You would think a place this hip would be a little intimidating but it isn’t at all. The staff are really helpful and friendly. The hotel doesn’t compromise comfort for cool, which is important.

The design elements in the lobby area are great with lots of interesting features including elevators covered in the owner’s vinyl collection and a Briantull mural behind the reception desk.

Located in downtown Chicago there are loads and loads of cool restaurants and bars nearby. During my stay the temperature dropped down to -12c so I was pleased to learn that one of the hippest cocktail bars in the area was located in the ACME. The Berkshire Room is very much of the moment; mixing a traditional lounge feel with very funky cocktails and trendy bar staff. You can check out my full review of the Berkshire Room next week…

The great food and drink doesn’t stop with The Berkshire Room. ACME also has the lovely West Town Bakery smack bang in the lobby. The coffee is top notch and the food includes fresh baked pastries, breakfast sandwiches, gourmet sandwiches and grab-and-go desserts. Just what you need after one too many cocktails the night before.

If in fact guests do have a heavy night the ACME has their back with its “hair of the dog” add on. For an extra $25 the hotel will provide hungover guests with 2 bottles of Powerade, two aspirin packets, and a $10 certificate to one of Chicago’s best burger joints, MBurger. As I said if you have an unconventional boss they may just love you for getting the “hair of the dog” add on!  Not that a good night sleep won’t cure many post cocktail ailments – and your boss will get a good night sleep at the ACME.

ACME Hotel Company, Chicago

As you can imagine the cool touches don’t end in the public spaces, oh no, they are very much incorporated into the bedroom design as well. All of the hotel’s bedrooms have internet ready smart TV’s with plug & play hook-ups with allows guests to stream their Apple products or laptop content straight to the TV with 1 plug. My suite also came with the beautiful Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin wireless audio system which meant I could play my terribly uncool music whilst I checked my emails at the work desk. The WiFi is ridiculously fast and complimentary.

I’m sure it was tempting for the hotel designers to try to reinvent the beds, to make them extra funky somehow but I’m glad they didn’t. Instead you just get a really comfortable king size bed with 300 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton bedding. When it comes to beds, you just want big and comfortable. The same goes for the shower – hot and powerful! All of the ACME rooms come with bathrobes and spa inspired bathrooms with extra large back lit mirrors and a brilliant night light (I won’t ruin the surprise!)

My suite had a good sized living space with a fantastic view of the city. There was a small kitchen with a microwave, fridge and self service mini-bar (which was actually really reasonably priced!) The sofa converted into a pull out bed for extra guests or the space could be used for a small gathering of around 5 people.

The ACME has lots of different room options. Some are larger than others but the space is used really well in every room with many of the same amenities. The ACME are really not interested in nickel and dining their guests. Whatever the budget guests pretty much have the same experience which I think is great.

In fact ACME’s whole philosophy is ensuring their guests have a comfortable stay at an affordable price and they will throw in a lot of extras to make sure that happens. For example they offer a fresh thermostat of coffee delivered to the bedroom whenever the guest orders it. They have a knock and drop service for breakfast – the guest orders from the West Town Bakery and the following morning a lovely person will knock on the bedroom door leave the breakfast outside before running away as quickly as possible so that the guest can open the door in their bathrobe / towel / naked – whatever suits.

Why book the ACME Hotel Company for your boss? For something a little different the ACME is the place to book in Chicago. It is cool and contemporary but doesn’t compromise on comfort which is important particularly for business travellers. The West Town Bakery is perfect for a breakfast meeting. If you work in the music or film industry – or really any industry where ‘trendy’ is important the ACME will certainly do the job. Your boss can hold meetings in the ACME’s meeting space and take them through to the Berkshire room for cocktails and canapés. The ACME is a great choice for business travel in Chicago.

ACME Hotel Company, 15 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611

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Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at ACME Hotel Company Chicago. Opinions are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate is $149 per person (March 2014)

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