I would imagine that most assistants have been asked to arrange a social event for their team or organisation as we do tend to be the focal point for social activities in the office. It is such a great achievement when we manage to create something that works well and everyone has a great time. The right experience can increase overall team performance, enhance job satisfaction and encourage collaboration between colleagues and teams. However if they are badly organised they achieve nothing while costing the company a small fortune.

So here are some tips on how to organise a fantastic social event for your organisation.

What are the objectives?

As I’ve said many times before every event should have objectives. Even social events! This is because the objectives will inform every aspect of the event design. For example if the objective is something specific such as, introducing a new member of the Executive Team to the rest of the department, an informal setting would be ideal but probably not as informal as a pub. An informal dinner setting, something like a curry house, would work. Once you have the objective you can really think about the best setting for the event and the activities that will help meet that objective.

What is the budget?

Again as with any event you will need to know how much you have to spend. This could be anything from £100 behind the bar or an amount for food, entertainment or the venue. Once you have an idea of the amount you have to spend you can really start to build the event.

Try to organise something that everyone can do

Physical activities can be really memorable social events but set the right level of fitness and make sure everyone can be included. Obviously this is even more important if you have a social event that involves alcohol. Not everyone wants to drink with colleagues and not everyone feels comfortable in bars.

Combine different elements

Combining different activities into your social event will ensure that more of your colleagues will enjoy something. The activities do not have to be particularly grand. For example, if you have organised a meal for your team think of some fun party games they can play while they are waiting for their food. If you have organised a wine tasting is there a little element of competition you can include in the tasting? If you have a poker tournament can you include some breaks for food during the games? There are lots of creative elements you can add so that everyone can be included.

Don’t make it about the business

You want everyone to get to know each other on a personal level so try not to include too many references to the business – is this really the place for your manager to get up and give a speech? Probably not. It is important that the team enjoy each other’s company and have the chance to relax.

Don’t force people to have ‘fun’

Keep everyone in the team involved in the creation of the social event and get everyone interested and ready for the event once the day arrives. Remember no one likes forced fun so do make sure all of the team are aware of what is expected of them before they arrive.

Remember to ask for feedback

If you have organised drinks in the pub ask a few attendees if they are enjoying themselves and if they want the drinks to become a regular thing. If you have organised the Summer party ask attendees to complete a simple feedback form and really do follow up on what they have to say. Don’t just ask questions about the food and the venue ask them if you have achieved your objectives and ensure your manager sees the feedback.

The perfect social event…

Now I’ve given you a few tips on how to organise a social night but what about the actual activity – what should you do? Well, I’m about to tell you my all time favourite work social event. Ready… A QUIZ NIGHT. Yes, this really really is my favourite activity for a work night out. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t enjoy a quiz night. If there are such people, frankly, I don’t want to know them!

There are so many elements to a quiz night that make it a perfect activity for work events. For starters you are working as a team, everyone is on an equal playing field and you can have regular breaks for drinks, food and chit chat. The evening doesn’t have to be too long, but there is always the option to go on for a few drinks afterwards if people feel inclined to do so. The quiz can be held anywhere, I’ve held them in hotels after a conference and I’ve often included a charity element with raffles and auctions.  They are fab.

I thought I would introduce you to QuizQuizQuiz, the UKs leading Quiz Night company. They have run thousands of quiz nights throughout the UK and Europe for companies of all sizes, as well as for charities, pubs and schools – and even for birthday parties and weddings. If you are thinking about your next social event here are a few more reason why you should consider QuizQuizQuiz:

  1. It is very low hassle to organise the quiz side of things: once QuizQuizQuiz are booked, they can work in any venue of your choosing for any number of people and they bring everything to do with the quiz.
  2. The quiz is guaranteed to be perfect for the participants, so that everyone can have a geat time, whether they are internal staff, clients, or a mixture, whether they are old, young, British, international etc. This is because the professional quiz masters (that sounds like a great job!) at QuizQuizQuiz  know how to change the questions and format during the quiz (without anyone noticing it is happening) to make sure it hits all the right marks (compare this to the normal way of making a quiz, which is to prepare the material in advance and hope for the best – and usually it turns out to be wrong).
  3. QuizQuizQuiz are professionals and this is what they do hundreds of times a year – when you want a team meal you don’t rustle together a few sandwiches, you go to a decent restaurant. When you want some comedy you don’t read some jokes out of a book, you go and watch a professional comedian. When you want a quiz (and I know you all want a quiz!), you should get the pros in

Oh – and even if you don’t need to organise a quiz night right now you can’t go wrong with the Friday Quiz from QuizQuizQuiz. Sign up and you’ll get an email every Friday lunchtime with 5 quiz questions to help entertain your team as the weekend approached!


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