So you’ve been asked to organise the office summer party? As with any event, it is lovely seeing all of your hard work come to fruition and all of your guests having a great time. But, as with any event, it is hard work! Here are my top 15 tips for organising your office summer party.

  1. Try to find a date that fits around the summer holiday. Summer parties should ideally be in June or early July so that you avoid the school holidays and vacation time.
  2. The location should be as near to the office as possible. People are much more likely to turn up if they do not have to travel to far!
  3. Do try to pick a venue with outdoor space and organise some outdoor activities. Find venues that have a deck or garden area. It is summer after all!
  4. Have a back up plan in case of the weather – particularly if you live in the UK!
  5. Like any other event make sure you have a set of objectives before you start to organise everything. Discuss the requirements with your manager before anything else.
  6. The same can be said of the budget – you will need to know what this is before you do anything else.
  7. If the party is simply for staff to be rewarded for their hard work and to have a good time make sure you fulfil this objective. They will have a much better time if their is an open bar and lots of fun activities for them to take part in!
  8. Book the venues as far in advance as possible. A lot of venues with outdoor space become particularly popular once the summer starts.
  9. Is it possible for you to tack the summer party on to the end of another event so that as many people are around as possible? For example there is usually a board meeting prior to the start of summer so perhaps the summer party can take place after that.
  10. Depending on budget are you able to invite clients, friends and family? It would certainly add to the reward aspect if staff are allowed to bring a guest.
  11. The summer party can be used as an opportunity for the Executive Team to reward and acknowledge staff. Perhaps a gift giving or award ceremony could be included in the summer party? –
  12. A BBQ is the obvious catering choice but it does add to the summer theme and most people love a BBQ! Just remember to add vegetarian and vegan options too!
  13. The dress code should be casual. If you have invited clients do let staff know so that they can dress a little more formally.
  14. Staff should feel like the summer party has been organised with their needs in mind. Do ask your colleagues what they would like to do (this many be a little more difficult in a large organisation).
  15. If you are pushed for time there are absolutely loads of companies that can help you organise the summer party and there are loads of organisation that host summer parties.

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