Along a short stretch of Argyle Street, one of the bustling river facing streets in Glasgow, you find several large well known hotels and one maybe not so well known one: The Menzies Hotel Glasgow.

Menzies Hotels are a privately owned company with a portfolio of twelve quite different UK hotels. Within the group there are country and coast hotels and the odd golf hotel for good measure. However it was the prime city centre Glasgow hotel which we visited in August 2014.

Glasgow in general and this hotel in particular is a jump off point for travelling and visiting the rest of the West of Scotland. While we stayed we shared a coffee and a chat with a tour party made up of Americans, Japanese and Canadians all preparing for a Highland tour. Situated just off the M8 within forty minutes our foreign visitors could be in Edinburgh in the east or Loch Lomond in the west. The location comes to the aid of the business traveller too and Menzies is certainly not just a tourist hotel.

With several meeting rooms including one capable of holding 150 theatre style the hotel has a business feel. In fact to be more precise it has a “staff away day” feel. PAs organise many of these types of meetings and Menzies a good fit for these types of events. With a large dining area everyone can eat together. The meeting space is flexible, breaking down to several rooms and with Glasgow as a base – with its many opportunities for socialising – the hotel is a staff away day mecca.

As we all know it’s the value for money that we look to when organising internal events for our companies and Menzies would offer a great four star option. Breakfast was great and the service across our stay was warm and welcoming.

Our highlight was our Manhattan Loft Room, one of several apartment style rooms in the hotel. This variety of room would allow you to spice up the stay of your colleagues offering something that little bit different.

Our room had a mezzanine floor, wood panels and a beautiful steel support in the middle of the room. It certainly had the feel of a loft apartment in NY but without the noise of the hustle and bustle. Essential for a group who are up early to team build a great nights sleep would be guaranteed as would an all round great value stay.

Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at the Menzies Hotel, Glasgow. Our opinions are entirely our own.  Advertised minimum rate per night is £81 (October 2014).

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