As it is Thanksgiving today – I hope all of my American readers are having a lovely day with family and friends – I thought I would spend a little bit of time reflecting on my career and what I am thankful for. Here are my top five reasons why I am thankful for my assistant career.

1. Working with decision makers

Working with senior members of staff, or ‘the powers that be’, was always my favourite part of the role. I learnt so much and I was always very grateful that I had the opportunity to see how business decisions got made, how the Executive team worked together to move the organisations forward and how they dealt with difficult situations and members of staff.

2. Networking with other assistants

Now that I am almost full time on Practically Perfect PA I must say one of the perks is that I can network much more with other assistants than I did when I was working in an office. Using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have really helped me network while I have been living in Barcelona but now that I am moving back to the UK I can’t wait to start meeting other assistants face to face. There are so many networking events for assistants and I’m looking forward to getting out and about a bit more next year.

3. Diversity

In the recent Practically Perfect PA survey I asked readers what they most enjoyed about the role. Diversity was the word used most frequently – so many readers said they love that every day is different and the role can be really diverse. I couldn’t agree more. I have picked up so many different skills over the years that have held me in good stead ever since. There aren’t many professionals who can claim to have the skills that we do. We can certainly argue that assistants who are ‘jack of all trades’ are actually the most useful professionals in the organisation!

4. My career path

One of the panel sessions at the Assist Conference that I am really looking  forward to will focus on assistants who have left the profession to start a new career. I’ll be chairing the panel and I can’t wait to hear from other assistants who still use their assistant skills every day in their new roles. The fundamental skills that assistants have are unique and they are useful in so many different scenarios. I’m so grateful that I have over ten years experience as an assistant because I can’t begin to imagine how disorganised my life would be if I hadn’t been in this profession.

5. Writing Practically Perfect PA

Last but not least I thank my lucky stars every day that I write Practically Perfect PA. I can’t believe it has been 3 years already! I’m so excited about next year and what I have planned for the blog. I really can’t wait to share all of the details with you lovely lot. I never expected Practically Perfect PA to take off in the way it has and I certainly didn’t expect to be doing this full time. But then again I’ve always thought being an assistant can open so many doors and I am definitely proof of that!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and don’t go too mad in the sales tomorrow!

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