Keeping event ideas innovative and fresh can be an extremely difficult exercise. It’s a delicate balancing act of trying to push the envelope to keep things exciting, but not too radical that it fails to appeal to the majority of the workforce.

This seems to be even more apparent in the corporate entertaining sector, especially if you are on a tight budget. This will generally narrow your search availability down to the two usual camps. i.e: the DJ or band dilemma?

 It’s very tricky to then be able to please everybody without having to go down the same common denominator route by hiring the skills of a commercial DJ, or good covers band. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either option, but it doesn’t score very highly on the originality front. That is until now…

Stick It On has been carving a niche for itself for a while now by providing it’s unique branded entertainment that sits nicely in a number of event briefs. Be it a press or product launch, after-show party or a company jolly – Christmas/summer party/company away-day (delete where applicable).

Their mantra ‘Welcome to DJ democracy’ helps explain their simple, but genius, concept that has got many wishing that they had thought of it first. The idea is to turn the DJing over to the guests themselves (if they want to), by allowing them to submit three or four of their favourite songs and then, under the close guidance of the Stick It On crew, be turned into DJs for 15 glorious famed-filled minutes.

The results are nothing short of fantastic, allowing everyone to be able to play a part in their event by submitting their songs for the party, and for the lucky ones chosen, to actually get behind the ones and twos (i.e, the decks) and rock the dancefloor in front of an adoring and enthusiastic crowd of friends and colleagues.

A great event idea for 2014

Unbelievably, Stick It On has been running for over ten years and has built up an impressive list of clients to date ranging from global brands including Sky and Sony, to small local companies with workforces of 25+.

So if your event brief is to provide a unique, inclusive, engaging  and most importantly fun activity that the whole workforce can embrace, and participate in, then you should drop Stick It On a line.

For more info click here, call 0845 689 2350 or email

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A great event idea for 2014

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