Room Mate Hotel, Barcelona

Room Mate Hotel, Barcelona

The invite to stay and review a Room Mate hotel in the centre of Barcelona really did arrive at the most fortuitous of times. Never was a private, outdoor sunken mini pool and vista of a wonderful city scape so welcome!

Now of course spending time in such a charming room would be an exceptionally wonderful past time for anyone but when it offers a rest from one of lives most challenging times – flat hunting – it is especially welcome. It was a massive relief to know that at the end of what would of course, be a fruitless day searching for a flat to rent for a few months in Barcelona, I had a wonderful environment to return to.

This hotel chain is all about play but serious play. From its day-glow assortment of complementary sweets to its toiletries – which include a “Showcap for Brilliant Minds” and “Dental Kit for Monster’s Teeth!” you know you are in a hotel that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Should you stay in one of these charmingly quirky hotels you will see that there is an undeniable playfulness and even cheekiness about the Room Mate Hotel Chain. Rather than have traditional names for their hotels, like say the “Grand” or “City” hotel, this joyful little chain gives each hotel a person’s name. You can sleep with “Valentina” in Mexico or “Leo” in Granada. I had the pleasure of a wonderful day and evening with “Emma” in Barcelona. With 19 hotels in 13 different cities you are well advised to sleep around.

With Emma, I was willing to go steady though. Had the Hotel Manager agreed and my budget stretched that far my search for somewhere to live in Barcelona for the next nine months would have been over. Yes, I really did love the premium room in the hotel that much. With an outdoor mini pool all to myself, a terrace that had views across Barcelona and a funky bedroom I had found my ideal place in Barcelona. Unfortunately for me “Emma” isn’t the type to commit: after all this is a fantastic hotel and not an apartment block so it was never going to work. Me and Emma were only meant to be together for a night or two. But what memories!

So the good news is that the room I stayed in will be available for your boss. Along with other cracking rooms in their party like destination role call. With hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Florence, Buenos Arias, New York, Miami and Istanbul you can tell that they think long and hard about the choice of cities for their hotels. They have a key to success. They find a funky city. They then take a wonderful space and fill it with a relaxing and informal atmosphere where tourists and business people can enjoy some much needed lighthearted fun. Staying in a hotel should never be a chore. Book any room in a Room Mate Hotel and you are likely to avoid any kind of accommodation hang up. If only searching for a flat was as simple.

Room Mate Hotel
205 Carrer Rosselló

Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at The Room Mate Hotel. Options are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate is €129 per room (June 2014)

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