Now that I live in Barcelona it is always a bit strange going back to London and experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city that I worked in for over ten years. Seeing familiar faces rushing to and fro. The shops and cafes I once frequented still packed with customers buying a quick lunch before returning to their desk and of course the bars and pubs full to the brim of an evening with my friends and colleagues still in need of a pint come 5pm. I miss London, so I am always delighted when I get a chance to visit my old stomping ground and reminisce about my time as a ‘city girl’.

Reminiscing is particularly easy when you find yourself on the street you actually worked on for over a year in the area that you spent most of your career. This is where I found myself the morning of my stay at the Go Native Apartments on Creechurch Lane.  I know this area really, really well and yet I didn’t know there were 11 luxury serviced apartments literally opposite the last office I worked in before I moved to Barcelona. Searching for the apartments I found myself standing in a familiar courtyard owned by one of those pubs I was telling you about – The Old Tea Warehouse. The scene of many a drunken evening with colleagues. I really couldn’t believe that there were serviced apartments here, the entrance was shared with a pub! This fact could turn a lot of people off staying at the apartments or, for others, it could be conveniently positioned within staggering distance. You certainly can’t argue that the apartments aren’t in a central location – just off Leadenhall Street in the centre of the City.

I was keen to see more. I have booked hundreds of serviced apartments over the years and the quality can be extremely varied. Prior to arrival at the Go Native Apartments guests are emailed a security code for the mailbox that contains their keys. It is a really simple process. The ridiculously slow lift on the other hand was a little more time consuming and certainly added to the anticipation. After what seemed like forever I opened the door to the apartment and was really surprised. Pleasantly surprised… the apartment was lovely, it was beautifully decorated and absolutely spotless. The apartment had two double bedrooms one with an en-suite, separate bathroom and a large living / kitchen area. I had quite a bit of work to do during my stay so the big living space with a huge table was perfect for me to work from. Although, I must say I spent more time than I should have admiring the decor in the apartment and thinking about how it would fit in my home.

The following day I made my way to Go Native Monument, just a ten minute walk down the road. Although not quite as grand as the Creechurch Lane apartment the Go Native apartments Monument are just as lovingly decorated and comfortable. The location was, again, incredibly central and pretty perfect for guests working in the City. The kitchen was fully equipped (I must confess I ordered a takeaway) and the space was big enough for those wanting to do a little work before retiring to the super comfortable bed. In both apartments the WiFi was faultless.

Why book Go Native for your boss? I have booked and stayed in many serviced apartments over the years and I think both apartments (Creechurch Lane and Monument) are fantastic quality and good value. If you were to book a client, contractor or manager in one of the apartments they will be very pleased with your choice.

Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at Go Native.  Our opinions are entirely our own.  Advertised minimum rate per night is £162 (October 2014).

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