Assistants spend hours putting together travel itineraries for their Executives. We ensure that every aspect of the trip has been organised, from the initial car journey to the airport to the amenities in the hotel – we look over every detail to make sure our Executive’s business trip runs smoothly. We hand the itinerary to our Executive and then we cross our fingers and pray that everything goes according to our plan.

That is all we can do because nine times out of ten assistants don’t go on the business trips with their boss. We are back in the office checking online to make sure the flight takes off on time and waiting to receive that first email once our Executive has landed safely. All of our hard work can go to pot in an instant if they are stuck in traffic on the way to the airport; queue longer than expected at security and customs or their flight is cancelled.

So how can we ensure our Executives have support when travelling on a business trip when we can’t be there to support them? Well, let me introduce you to Diamond Air International, an airport concierge service that will ensure your Executive a stress free business trip.

Airport concierge service

Since 2001 DiamondAir International has been the world’s leading provider of the finest luxury airport services to over 500 destinations worldwide, including London Heathrow and London City Airport, rail stations, ports and other transport hubs. They offer an exceptionally high level of service, including a 24-hour / 365-day operation, which means they are available at all times to support your Executive.

Let me give you a little more detail on the services offered by Diamond Air. They have an Airport Concierge Service, which ensures your boss will be accompanied quickly and efficiently from the moment they leave their house or office, through the airport onto the flight and once they land. To give you an understanding of how the service works, here is a step-to-step guide:


  • Your boss will be met by a personal airport concierge agent from their vehicle outside the terminal
  • A pre-check in service and preferred seats are designated
  • Baggage porters can be arranged to collect and transfer your Executive’s luggage to check-in
  • Your Executive will have assistance through all check-in and security procedures
  • They are then escorted to the lounge and onto the aircraft when ready to board
  • While relaxing in the lounge your Executive’s concierge will monitor the flight and gate details


  • Your Executive will be met by a personal airport concierge from the aircraft
  • They are quickly whisked through the terminal
  • A baggage porter can be arrange to collect and transfer the luggage to the waiting car
  • Your boss will have assistance with any VISA or landing card requirements
  • They will be escorted through all security and customs procedures
  • Your Executive will be escorted to the chauffeur car waiting outside of the terminal

Diamond Air Internal offer a pretty thorough service, which is worth its weight in gold, particularly at notoriously busy airports. Diamond Air offer additional benefits including pre-arranged access to lounges and currency exchanges, on-ground transport and help with VAT reclaims while at the airport. The Airport concierge service starts from as little as £100 +VAT.

Diamond Air International also offers a second tier service called Airport by Invitation, which is popular with high net worth individuals, VIPS and celebrities. The service allows VIPS to by-pass passenger terminals, access to private security and boarder control (with no queues), private car transfer across the runway to the aircraft and a private lounge with check-in and immigration services. The Airport by Invitation service starts from £2,000 +VAT for up to six people.

How does Diamond Air benefit assistants?

There is nothing worse than receiving that phone call from your Executive who is on the other side of the world and can’t get home. It has happened to me a few times and I can honestly say it is a nightmare. That is the worse case scenario and assistants who use Diamond Air International would certainly feel better knowing that at least their Executive was with someone that had a fantastic knowledge of the airport and the airlines.

But what about a typical business trip scenario where everything runs smoothly? An airport concierge service can still benefit assistants. I have used the service a number of times in the past. Firstly when my Executive was travelling through a notoriously difficult airport – Dubai. The queue for customs can be hours long, getting a taxi from the airport can be a nightmare and of course waiting for baggage can take an age. By using the concierge service my Executive was through Dubai airport swiftly and with little or no stress.

The second time was in Tokyo airport. Imagine arriving in Japan for the first time and navigating your way through an airport that is huge and doesn’t have any signs in English or in a language you can at least guess at! That is the worry I had for my Executive so I used a concierge service and once again she was whisked through the airport and taken directly to her hotel quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, I have used the service for clients coming to the UK, particularly those landing into London City Airport. It is a fantastic airport and by far the nearest to the City of London. Using DiamondAir, our client landed at London City and was sitting in a meeting with my Executive within an hour.

It is a great benefit for Executives because they will feel truly looked after and it is a great benefit for assistants simply because they will have peace of mind while their boss is on the road.

To book with Diamond Air International please call their 24hr booking room +44 (0)208 897 9183 or email quoting PPANOV. 

How to ensure your boss has a great business trip

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