Organising the typical car rental is pretty straight forward these days with many traditional companies all vying for your booking and even more comparison sites determined to promise you the best deal, all great until you are asked to book a car in the luxury or exotic end of the market where the usual providers can’t really help.

Whether it’s for your immediate boss whilst travelling abroad or clients that need to be impressed, finding and organising the right car for the occasion can be a minefield and very different from renting an Audi hatchback for a month.

Coping with car hire – When the best is expected

Kathryn Stevenson, Head of Client Liaison for European luxury car rental company provides a step by step guide of what you need to know to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible for you and your boss.

Which Car?

If your boss is a car buff and insists on a specific model or wants the technical specifications, let us know. We can provide all the data and even images of the specific car that will be provided.

When is the Car Needed?

Pick up & drop off dates and times ñ simple enough you would think, however, being one day out and changing it later can be an expensive mistake. Time of pick up/drop off is also needed. Due to the low number of high end vehicles available, it’s not as simple as just phoning another depot to rearrange dates, many vehicles in this sector have to be delivered and collected to order from other locations.

Where Will the Car be Required?

Pick up and drop off in the same country is usually pretty straight forward, at Lurentis we can arrange for delivery in one country and drop off in another within Europe, but again, try and be as certain as you can with your locations to avoid significant price differences as a result of having to reschedule delivery/collection locations.

How Many People?

Two points to take into account here. Firstly, how many people need to be able to fit in the car? Supercars in some locations are built differently, a prime example is the Ferrari California. In most locations the car is a genuine 4 seater, in the Middle East however, the California is only a 2 seater. Secondly, luggage. 2 people in a Lamborghini with luggage for a week-long trip just isn’t going to happen because it simply won’t fit and we would suggest a more appropriate alternative, a mid-engine Porsche could be suggested due to it being designed with front and rear luggage spaces.

How Much Driving?

Whilst the traditional car hire will invariably have unlimited mileage, the luxury and exotic market is restricted. As a rough guide a typical luxury car (Mercedes E Class AMG) will have 200km a day included, SUV/4×4 will be around 250 km a day and supercars (Lamborghini Huracan) will be around 100km a day. You will of course be able to drive more than the daily amount, preplanning a rough route and approximate distance enables you to pre-pay for additional kilometres in advance at a lower rate.


A shock as this might be, renting a Bentley for a hundred pounds a day is not possible, so try and have some idea of the realistic budget available for the journey. Whilst the budget might not stretch to the bosses preferred car of choice to impress a client, a suitably impressive alternative can be suggested.

Payment and Identification Requirements

Higher priced cars require higher security deposits and multiple forms of identification. This is to reduce credit card fraud and to comply with insurance company requirements.

Security deposits are always required on credit cards (sometimes 2 cards are required), the amount is pre-authorised on the card pending the safe return of the vehicle. Very high value vehicles such as a Bugatti Veyron require a bankers approval letter and funds are held under escrow.

Scanned copies of the drivers licence will be required for each driver and, in cases where a non-latin based language licence is issued, a scanned copy of a valid international drivers permit is also required.

Drivers and Chauffeurs

If your boss is asking for a driver, is he expecting a suited/uniformed professional chauffeur or a member of our team to be available to drive him? Both are paid by the hour, rates vary according to car and location.


Whilst most luxury and many sports cars do have sat-nav fitted, not all do. If the vehicle is not fitted with it we can usually arrange for a portable sat-nav. We can even have your first destination (such as the hotel) right up to a full multi-stop route pre-programmed into the device on delivery of the vehicle.


The majority of the usual extras (child seats, roof-racks, ski-racks etc) are also available within reason; just bear in mind the type of car you are renting (asking for a roof rack on a Lamborghini will raise a few eyebrows). At Lurentis we will try and accommodate requests where we can, for example we have previously provided champagne and flowers with a car for a client proposing to his fiancé.

Consistent and Personal Service

When you make your first enquiry with Lurentis you will be allocated to a reservations manager, from that point on, this individual will be your single point of contact for every enquiry and booking, so you and your boss can be assured of a consistent service when doing business with us. If a schedule is changed or a flight is delayed, you will always deal with the same person – eliminating any possible confusion.

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