Over the years there have been many many times when I’ve wanted to quit my job. When I first started my career the urge to quit normally reared its ugly head on the morning’s commute into work following a rather heavy night in the pub. Later in my career the urge to quit normally took root when I had lost interest in the role.

Sometimes I managed to break through the pain barrier, stick it out and eventually find enjoyment again… sometimes I didn’t and I had most definitely come to the end of the road. Much the same can be said of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s relationship – they tried their hardest but had come to the realisation that it just wasn’t working and so they have quit, or are now.. consciously uncoupling.

If we treated our working relationships in the same way as our personal relationships when would we decided to consciously uncouple from say our job? Here are the warning signs you should be consciously uncoupling right now… all of which are taken from a mixture of personal experience and that of friends and family (you know who you are!)

1. You’ve lost passion for the role

You couldn’t give a rat’s ass if your boss has *another* fantastic project for you to work on. It will most likely be the same old rubbish that you have been asked to help with for the last 5 years.

2. You are miserable every morning 

“Oh god”… are the first two words that enter your head when you wake up each morning. Followed by … “it’s only (insert day of the week)”. This lasts until Friday morning when all you can do is count down the seconds until 5pm.

3. 5pm equals pub time 

You are the first to up and leave your desk at 5pm so that you can get a much needed alcoholic beverage by 5.10pm. You may spend the evening with your colleagues, but they are like-minded colleagues who also hate their job as much as they love criticising everything about their job.

4. You hate your boss’s face 

If you have to see that face pop up from behind your computer screen one more time you might actually go ahead with “the plan”… Not that you ever tell anyone about “the plan”.  Even you know “the plan” is taking things a bit too far.

5. You walk down the train station stairs hoping that someone will accidentally push you over

You would actually rather be in pain and in hospital than in your office. That would be a good day.

6. The pay you receive doesn’t actually pay the bills 

Sure you get asked out to parties and other social occasions, and if it’s free you’ll be there…. otherwise you’ll be at home contemplating how you can afford this month’s electricity bill. Your boss isn’t interested in your pay rise enquiries but is happy to talk you through his all-inclusive holiday to the Maldives.

7. You constantly ask yourself  ‘have my years of experience really come to this?’

You are pretty sure your manager read your CV before they hired you. They should know what you can do to help them and the organisation but no they prefer to ignore all of your skills and instead ask you to spend all day stuffing envelops and making coffee.

8. You wonder when your boss is actually going to fire you 

You haven’t been ‘good’ at your job for years. You are constantly under performing and no one seems to notice. Surely someone is going to say something eventually? Maybe their not doing anything either… Maybe everyone secretly hates their job…?

9. You can’t remember the last time you were 100% healthy 

Nights are spent stressing about the following day and checking your blackberry for emails. Coffee fuels the hours you spend at work which seem to be increasing year on year. You are constantly run down, you can’t remember the last time you went to the gym or spent time relaxing.

10. You think your family and friends might hate you more than you hate your job 

You’ve started to notice your friend’s eyes are glazing over while you are talking. Surely everyone hates their job? Shouldn’t they be able to relate to this? No…? Well the family have to put up with your moaning… oh they’ve all left the room. Excellent. I’m shouting in an empty room.

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