For any assistant booking a flight for the boss can be a daunting task. Where do you start and how do you make sure they are happy with your choice? Here are my top tips on booking a flight for your boss… 

15 questions to ask your manager about their flight

  1. What is the purpose of the trip?
  2. Do they always carry luggage on to the flight or prefer to check it in?
  3. Are there any airports they want to avoid?
  4. Do they mind having a layover?
  5. What time of day do they prefer to fly?
  6. Do they mind getting a red eye flight?
  7. Do they have a preference for the time they land?
  8. Do they have a preferred airline?
  9. Do they have a preferred seat?
  10. Do they have any food allergies the airline will need to be aware of?
  11. What transport do they prefer at the destination? Cab, car rental, driver?
  12. Do they care about the cost of the flight?
  13. Do they prefer to be in and out of the destination as quickly as possible or would they prefer time to relax and adjust?
  14. Do they want to work on the flight? Do they need WiFi?
  15. Are they a member of any frequent flyer schemes? If not, they should be!

 Other things to consider…

 Once you have the flight booked there are a few more aspects of the trip you should consider before your boss boards the flight.

  • Do they need a visa to travel?
  • Do they need any injections?
  • How far away is the airport from the hotel / meeting point? Does this need to be factored into their schedule?
  • Is the airport notorious for long delays either to get through security or passport control? Will this cause any issues?
  • How long will it take your manager to get to the airport?

Which airport should your boss travel from?

If your organisation is based in London I would always recommend you book your flights from London City Airport. It is without doubt the UK’s fastest airport for business travel. I’ve been on a few business trips to Amsterdam via London City Airport and every time it was the quickest and easiest way to travel. It is by far the nearest airport to the City and amazingly it only took me 20 minutes to get from the terminal entrance to the departure lounge which is frankly a miracle these days! Once I arrived back from Amsterdam, within 15 minutes of landing at London City airport, I was on the DLR heading back to my office.

It is worth remembering that London City Airport is actually the only airport located within London! The public transport connections are brilliant. It is 14 minutes from Canary Wharf so everyone working in the Docklands should use London City Airport and for everyone else it is only 22 minutes from the airport to Bank station, which is located in the heart of London’s financial district.

Once our managers leave the office to go on their business trip they are unfortunately out of our control which can cause any number of headaches! London City Airport is the most punctual airport in the UK so yet another reason to organise business travel from there. The flight network is growing; at the moment you can book flights to over 40 European destinations including Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Edinburgh and Amsterdam.

I booked a flight for my manager to travel from London City Airport to New York. Yes that is right London City Airport does fly to New York; it’s not just Europe! The flight was unfortunately delayed at JFK by quite a few hours. Once my manager eventually arrived into the London office he was so pleased he flew into London City Airport. When my manager is tired and jet-lagged the last thing he wants is to be stuck in a big airport and then have to do the long journey into the centre of London!

London City Airport love assistants!

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Booking a flight for the boss

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