Assistants working for private households or individuals will often have the task of organising business trips and holidays. For assistants working in the corporate world this can be a challenging task, but for those working with bosses who are high-net worth VIPs, business travel can be even more difficult. Many will skip the gauntlet that is busy airports and scheduled flights preferring to arrange their own private transportation, which means that assistants will be asked to book, chartered flights for their boss (and potentially their entire family and staff).

Private charter provides significant time saving, security, safety, comfort and convenience for your boss but if you have never booked a chartered flight before it can be a formidable task. Where do you start and how do you know what is best for your boss? Here are a few tips from ACC Aviation, which will help when booking a chartered flight for your boss.

Contact a reputable and experienced charter broker

The first thing to do is telephone a reliable and experienced charter broker. During the conversation make sure the broker is asking the right questions and you are happy with their level of service and their interest in your manger’s needs during the trip. It is important to ask if the charter provides 24/7 worldwide flight support. If you are not going on the trip with them you will want to know that someone is available to help if anything goes wrong with the flight or if your boss needs the flight changed for any reason.

Transparent pricing

There are many elements to booking a chartered flight so it is important that you get a final price, which includes all known costs of the trip prior to confirming the details. A good broker will give you a clear price listing exactly what is and isn’t included.

It is also important that you know your budget prior to contacting the charter broker so that they can find the right aircraft for your boss’s itinerary.

What information does the charter broker require?

Here are a few details that the broker will definitely require before they are able to find the right chartered flight for your boss:

  • The route, date and preferred flight times
  • The number of passengers
  • The purpose of the trip. Is it for business or for personal reasons?
  • The location that your boss is travelling from so that the broker can find the most convenient airport. This is also the case for their return flight
  • The number of bags they will be taking with them on the trip
  • Catering and dietary requirements
  • Ground transportation details if required

Additional considerations

Remember that chartering a private aircraft will save your boss a considerable amount of time during the trip, which will allow you to plan their itinerary specifically for their needs. If they have to attend a specific meeting in another country but can’t afford the additional time it takes to wait at the airport, a chartered flight is going to speed up the process considerably. Once you have the schedule confirmed with your manager it is worth contacting a broker straight away so that they do have enough time to look at all available options for you. The cost of the flight usually has to be paid prior to the trip so make sure your finances are in place prior to confirming the booking.

ACC Aviation

ACC Aviation is one of the world’s leading charter brokers. They provide a personal service and impartial advise. Their brokers, backed by extensive and up to date databases, have an in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in chartering flights. They are able to search for aircrafts at short notice and they have developed excellent relationships with the airlines.

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Booking a chartered flight for your boss 

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