Running personal errands for our managers is nothing new. Most assistants see this as part of their role and will happily pick up the dry cleaning, arrange dentist appointments and liaise with the nanny to get the manager to the kid’s school play on time. These tasks are frequent and not something that would trouble a well organised assistant. When it comes to organising our manager’s vacation time – well that is a different matter! Yes we plan their business trips but this is their precious time away from work and the stress of the office. Their holiday must be perfect. That is why I suggest you get to know Brown + Hudson. A bespoke travel provider that really gets to know your boss. Here are a few words on what Brown + Hudson can do for you and your manager.

Imagine a travel company that first took the time to get to know your employer. Really know them. A company that took an interest in all areas of life – from unusual hobbies and lifelong passions through to idle daydreams and whimsical travel ideas. Everyone knows that information is power, but information can also the source for creativity, ingenuity and originality. Once you understand why a person travels, you can begin to tailor the where. This is precisely the mind-set adopted by Brown + Hudson (+44 203 358 0110), a London-based team who specialise in bespoke travel experiences, personally crafted for discerning individuals.

As an Executive Assistant or PA looking for assistance with travel plans, you naturally want to know that your employer is receiving the highest standard of personalised service possible. And often you need even more than that. Through our experience working alongside high-level assistants, you are no doubt looking for a company with expert knowledge and first-hand experience across the globe; a team that can leverage influential contacts in the most unlikely of places to create something truly memorable for your boss’ precious time away.

Whether your boss wants to be whisked away for a weekend in the depths of snowy Scandinavia, chasing the Northern Lights across a frozen lake with a team of huskies leading the way; or perhaps they have in mind a slower, more immersive cultural experience as a family digging deeper on a bespoke two-week safari with Maasai tribesmen in Tanzania. Whatever the destination Brown + Hudson applies an original blend of conceptual thinking and rigorous investigative research to tailor exclusive experiences for our clients. Our priority is to make the impossible seem effortless, to create a seamless journey that flows to the rhythms of an individual, not a timetable. To do this we work closely with PAs and Executive Assistants, firstly as a way of learning about our clients but also as a valuable channel for feedback, logistics and planning.

As an example of the way in which we work, a honeymooning couple asked us to create a South African adventure with a cast of illustrious characters – something hard for their peers to match. The groom had mentioned that he was preparing for a marathon, so we arranged for the country’s leading sports scientist and long-distance runner to plot bespoke training routes across the Kalahari Desert. The couple shared a passion for photography, which lead to private safaris with one of South Africa’s leading wildlife photographers. And then for the grand finale: on the penultimate day of their honeymoon, our clients spent the afternoon chatting over cups of tea with none other than Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Sipping steaming Rooibos whilst discussing the country’s complex political history was of course fascinating, but neither husband nor wife were expecting a personalised marriage blessing from the Archbishop himself.

When we’re working with a family, children often come with their own special considerations: security, educational activities, dietary requirements and the all importance of a good night’s sleep. A prominent family recently approached us with a dream of exploring the islands of Indonesia, but said that travel together sometimes felt rushed and chaotic. We took the hassle out of the equation by reserving a fully-staffed luxury yacht to sail them through pristine azure waters. The children were entertained with visits from noted archaeologists and marine experts regaling them with travel tales, whilst mum and dad enjoyed quality time together on the deck with personalised massages at sunset. We even flew in particular pillows for each family member to ensure sweet dreams (and no tantrums).

Wherever the location and whatever the adventure, we strive to provide our clients with once-in-a-lifetime memories. Memories made together exploring the unknown lead to rich travel stories, and stories that only they can tell. This is the difference between picking a suit off the rack and feeling the contours of one tailored just for you. It’s the difference between buying a trip and writing your own adventure. This is what travel should be and this is Brown + Hudson.

To find out more about truly bespoke travel visit or contact us via email to or call +44 (0) 203 358 0110.

A bespoke travel provider that really gets to know your boss

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