I am so proud and delighted to launch the first conference from Practically Perfect PA – The Assist Conference 2015. It is taking place on the 27th February 2015 in London and as you can imagine I am very excited! I wanted to give all of my readers more information on the conference and why I think it is going to be a fantastic event.

Being an assistant is something unique. “Being in charge when you are not in charge” comes second nature to us. The calm port in the office while others lose their head is our standard position. Mastering all trades, keeping on top of everything and being the centre of a team, department or even the whole organisation is all in a day’s work.

Nevertheless with such a varied role comes unique issues. The Assist Conference is designed to support assistants, to arm us with the skills we need to tackle those issues. To power us to have the confidence to seek more recognition and rewards. To focus assistants on the need to develop a career plan. To help us move up in our current organisation or beyond.

All of the sessions at The Assist Conference will be based around three important key themes that I think are really important:
  • How to change your behaviour and other’s
  • The need to be proactive to succeed as an assistant and be taken seriously in your role
  • The importance of having your career goals, always, at the front of your mind. Even if you have no intention of changing roles.

We will have a mixture of formats ranging from panel sessions to workshops, from roundtable sessions to keynote speakers. We will focus on best practice and learning form other assistants. Together we will look at how we can improve ourselves personally and professionally.

The Assist Conference 2015

We all have unique career paths that have taken us to where we are today. We all have different experiences within the industry and we have personal goals that we want to accomplish in our career. But we also have a lot of  shared experiences that I really want to drawn on and cover during The Assist Conference. I often talk about assistants being the superheroes of the office and I absolutely believe that we are. The problem is that we just don’t know it! Everyone that attends the Assist Conference will come away knowing their unique skills and expertise really do make them the superheroes of the office and the confidence to move on up!

So what about the content? Well, across a truly interactive and engaging day we will look at:
  • Inspirational PAs past and present who broke the mould and smashed the glass ceiling!
  • The importance of developing your own career path looking at interview techniques, job descriptions and the key skills needed to move on up
  • How we have to change our behaviours before we change others and exactly what those changes should be
  • Developing the power to influence
  • The skills other PAs have added which have helped them move up within the profession or move to different roles
  • The role of networking internally and externally to help assistants develop
  • How you can build and cultivate your personal brand

Building on the foundations of this blog the conference will provide a skyscraper full of fantastic content. There will be superhero PAs round every corner, practical ideas and best practice. Learning by doing will be the corner stone of the Assist Conference.

 What now? 

Obviously I would love every single one of you to attend, I know some of you are not based in the UK so that might be a little tricky – I’ll let you guys off! But everyone in the UK, I hope you will give it some serious thought. The website is now up and running (I’m particularly pleased with our logo!)

The Assist Conference 2015

On the website you can see an outline of the content, the key themes, and some of our wonderful speakers. We will be announcing more speakers and sessions over the coming weeks.

We have 100 VIP places for those who book early for only £200 and you can register right now! Trust me, it is worth being a VIP – there will be goodies!

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