Most of us organise travel for our executives, and most of our executives are considered frequent flyers. I’ve found over the years that it is always worthwhile getting my executives to sign up to an airline loyalty and rewards scheme.

Although part of our job is to find the best deals when it comes to travel, I firmly believe it is also our job to ensure our managers are travelling comfortably and have the best experience they can. Most of the executives I’ve worked for have travelled at least once a month, always for important meetings that require them to be focussed and professional. So the last thing they want when they travel is to be stressed, worried about getting to their meetings (or getting home), jet-lagged and harassed. To perform at their peak, they need to have a smooth stress free flight. I do think this easier to guarantee if they are flying with their preferred airline because they will know what to expect, and as a loyal and valued customer, they should be looked after.

This approach also benefits us. We can’t be there to look after them; it is hard for us to control what happens once they have left the office and also how well do we know the places they are travelling to? With my executive, I want to know he is in good hands if anything goes wrong and indeed, membership of an airline loyalty scheme helps ease my concerns.

So with any new executive I work for, I ask them which airline they prefer and then I ensure I book as many flights as I can with that airline (obviously this does depend on the price, but I will always try to get them on their preferred airline). I also made sure that the executive is a member of that airline’s loyalty scheme. It makes so much sense; the airlines offer frequent flyer miles, access to the airport lounge, upgrades, and so much more. It is a no brainer.

There are a lot of frequent flyer programmes on the market. I was recently introduced to the Emirates scheme, and I must say I think it is on to a bit of a winner. Here is why.

Emirates have a loyalty programme that also benefits the overall organisation alongside the executive/frequent flyer. Every time your executive flies, they earn their own personal Skywards Miles, but they also earn Business Rewards Miles for the company.

How does Emirates Business Rewards work?

Well, with every Emirates flight, the organisation can earn Business Reward Miles, and the individual can earn Skywards Miles. All Business Reward Miles can be redeemed for flights and upgrades online. To join the scheme is free, easy and can be done online. Once the membership is approved, the organisation can allocate up to 80 active members (they must also be members of the Skywards scheme).

I like that you can still book the Emirates flight through your usual travel agent so collecting the Business Reward Miles is not any extra work for the assistant.

Here are some added benefits:

  • You can assign 1 or more administrators to manage the Business Rewards Account
  • The organisation receives 1 Business Rewards Mile for every US$1 spent on the base airfare
  • You can redeem Business Rewards Miles for travel on any Emirates flight
  • You can redeem Business Rewards Miles for upgrades on any Business Rewards purchased flight
  • The bookings are available in all travel classes
  • All redemption bookings can be made online

If your organisation does frequently travel with Emirates using this scheme will mean that everyone in your team (including you) will benefit from a larger pool of Miles.

Here are some creative ideas for using the extra Business Rewards Miles that your organisation will build up over a year:

  • Using the Executive Team’s additional miles give upgrades to other staff travelling from the UK on long haul flights.  This would save the company a lot of money.
  • Use the extra miles as prizes in the Christmas party raffle (one long haul flight and one flight within Europe as an example!)
  • Nominate the organisation’s hardest working member of the support team and gave them a long haul flight as a bonus.

As I said, it is a no brainer. Joining Emirates Business Rewards really can benefit you, your team and the overall organisation, what’s not to like!

This post has been written with the support of Emirates — more information about Practically Perfect PA’s sponsored posts.

An airline loyalty programme that benefits assistants too!

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