LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world. I know a lot of assistants are on the website I’m just not sure how many of them are using LinkedIn effectively.  As I’ve said many times over the last few weeks I really do think assistants should be using social media to  enhance all aspects of their career and LinkedIn is a great place to start if you are new to the world of social networking. Here are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively:

Complete your profile

Make sure all aspects of your profile are up to date and all the details have been completed using your CV as the foundation. Here is a good article on making the most of your profile

Use a professional photo

Save the party photos for Facebook, use a professional snap for your LinkedIn profile. It is the way of the world that you will be judged by your photo so keep it sober, especially if you are job hunting.

Join groups

Groups are a great way for you to connect with other assistants, read useful articles and seek advice from like-minded people. Here are 10 of the most popular groups that I would recommend:

  • Global Executive Assistants
  • Administrative Assistant Office Professionals
  • Executive/Personal Assistants
  • Personal Assistant and Office Manager – PAOM
  • Executive Assistant / Secretary
  • PAs, EAs, VAs and Senior Administrators
  • IAAP
  • Executive Assistants to CEO’s
  • Administrative Assistants and Secretaries of the world
  • Executive Secretary Magazine
  • Institute of Administrative Management (IAM)

Connect with everyone relevant

Why not? You are on there for business opportunities and networking so you never know where that chance might come from. Be proactive if there is someone in a group, or a particular recruitment agency that would be useful to network with then do connect with them.


Recommend people you currently work with, people you’ve worked with in the past or have provided you with excellent service. An excellent recruitment agency or a brilliant colleague.

Schedule LinkedIn time

During the week you will usually have a quiet 30 minutes to read articles, make a few comments, update your profile etc. etc. If you set up a rule on your outlook to move all of your LinkedIn emails into a separate folder, you can look read through these at your convenience without clogging up your inbox.

Job hunting

When you are job hunting, do make sure your profile is up to date. Follow companies on LinkedIn you would like to work for as they will post latest their news and jobs. Follow any companies that you have interviews with and use LinkedIn to view the profiles of those that you will be working with and interviewed by.

Network in real life too

Before going to any training, conference or networking working events mention this to your contacts to see if you can connect in real life. If you have a few friendly faces to meet at these events it may make it easier going along on your own.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

I personally don’t see the point of upgrading your LinkedIn account as I believe the basic features are adequate for the needs of assistants but here is a good article on the upgrade features. For more tips on social media why not take a look at our social media page.

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