Over the last few months I have been designing a lot of presentations for the company I work with but also for my own little foray into the world of public speaking. When I say a lot of presentations I mean A LOT! So I’m really pleased I stumbled across Haiku Deck back in May and have been a massive fan of it ever since! If your Executive does many public speaking events or presents to staff then I’d seriously suggest you check out Haiku Deck. The images are copyright free and they are great, there are text and filters that you can add to make the presentation look really different. The charts and bullet points are also really great to play around with. At the moment I believe the app is only available on iPad but I do know it is being BETA tested for the web.

I’ve been looking at different ways of presenting information on this blog so keep on the look out for my Haiku Decks! Oh… here’s one! Here are my top ten tips on minimising interruptions at work (For those reading this on email click here for the slides.)