Well, today I am back to work with a huge bump! I’ve been out of the office for just over two weeks and have had a wonderful break catching up with family and friends I am now sat back at my desk wondering how it is already January 2013 and why did the Christmas and New Year’s holiday go so quickly. I need to find some motivation, and I need to see it fast, I have over a 1000 emails to sort through, a boss who has already been back in the office for a few days without me and a to-do list still containing tasks from 2012. Ekkk! So, how do you start getting your motivation back after a vacation?

Going back to work after a long break is never easy, especially after the festive season when January can be a rather depressing come down anyway (how long does it seem till payday in January). But I will try to remain positive mainly as I have lots of exciting things to look forward to in 2013 and I may as well get on with it! Here are some positive ways to get your mojo and motivation back after the long Christmas and New Year break:

  • If you have a way to check your emails before your first day back in the office, do have a quick scan through. It is better to use your last few hours of freedom to make sure you don’t come back into the office to face any unwanted surprises. Checking your emails also will help you sleep better and ease that mind racing effect that most of us get the night before the dreaded return… Oh and sleeping well will save you dragging yourself out of bed and throwing your alarm clock at the wall.
  • Organise your to-do list during the morning of your first day back. If you have actions that you enjoy scatter these throughout your early few days so that you can have a mixture of the difficult/ tedious/rubbish tasks with the interesting/ fun/easy tasks. Getting the through your work while taking the time to enjoy yourself in the first week back is essential and will stop you feeling too overwhelmed.
  • Have a good chat with your manager about the year ahead, what challenges there will be, what work you will do, how the two of you will work together etc. If possible have this meeting away from the office so that you can talk quite informally and really get a sense of what to expect for 2013. This should help you see the bigger picture and feel motivated for the rest of the year.
  • While on annual leave buy yourself something new to take to the office so you can get a little pleasure from using your new thing, be it a new outfit, a piece of stationery or diary for the year ahead. Anything that will help you get through the first day will be a blessing! Even better – buy your next vacation, so you have something extra sweet to look forward to and then start a countdown to your next holiday!
  • Think about why you work, what you enjoy about your job, the people you like working with and what you do with your salary. Repeat these things numerous times throughout the day.

I think 2013 is going to be a great year for assistants with lots of great opportunities for all of us… I, however, just need to get through the rest of this week!

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