Booking business travel is a core part of our role so working with a good travel management company can save us so much time and ultimately our organisation money! If you can find a reliable TMC they really are worth their weight in gold! I’ve asked Travel Professionals to give us a bit more understanding on what we should expect from our business travel provider…

You may book your own travel believing it to be quicker, cheaper and more efficient. So why should you book your travel through a travel management company? And what should you expect from your business travel provider? The following are just a few reasons why using a travel management company or TMC can make a difference:


Your company is expanding and so are your travel requirements. Your finance department are demanding travel statistics, but your spreadsheets are out of control! What can you do to make your job easier?

What you need is a travel management company that offers a managed service solution. A single point of contact with a travel professional who understands your business needs, where passenger information and individual travel preferences can be stored securely in personal profiles, so that you don’t have to keep retrieving information. A TMC that has service level agreements in place that can be tailor-made to your company and that provides response times within set timescales for quotes and booking requests and a minimum of two fare options.

Save time and money

Your boss has asked you to source the most cost effective way to get to meetings in France and Belgium, but you have too many windows open on your computer and all the options are bewildering. You think you have found a suitable route, but by the time you have scheduled the meeting the great fare you thought you had secured has disappeared!

This is when a travel management company can help you. With access to live flight information and availability, flight options can easily be compared in real time leaving you free to get on with your own job. In addition your TMC can source fares not published on the internet offering savings on your overall travel spend. A TMC can also hold flight options until the end of the day or week without obligation, while you firm up meetings – you can’t do that if you book online!

24 hour assistance

You have been away from the office all week with back to back meetings in Germany, you’re tired and looking forward to getting home and having a relaxing weekend. But when you arrive at the airport all is confusion. Adverse weather conditions mean that your flight has been delayed. As you watch the departures board you can see that flights are being cancelled. Airline phones are overwhelmed and there are long queues at the airport desk, what can you do?

If you, or any of your travellers have been caught up in a force majeure such as a volcanic eruption or adverse weather conditions, or if you have had flights cancelled due to industrial action or technical issues, you will know that trying to change flights, re-book hotels or get information is almost impossible. It is at times like this that you need the help from an experienced travel consultant, someone who can offer a calm and efficient solution to your travel problems. Access to 24 hour assistance is essential, so no matter what time zone you are travelling in, there is someone at the end of a phone to offer you the help you need to get to your meeting on time or back home safely.

Systems & apps

Do you hand write travel itineraries, or print off copious copies of booking confirmations? Are you getting in a muddle managing your manager’s diary?

Sabre® Virtually There® and TripCase are products that can deliver all your travel information. You can access your manager’s travel itinerary 24/7. Check flight status – including delays, cancellations and gate information. You can email the itinerary to their friends, family and colleagues and access all this easily from your PC or mobile device.

So, what should you expect from your business travel provider? All this and much more! Welcome to The Travel Professionals. We are a corporate travel management company based in Cobham, Surrey. For 20 years clients have benefited from our extensive business travel management experience, competitive fares & high level of service. Regardless of your budget, our friendly experts are here to help with all your travel needs.

For information on any of our services or products please contact either Trevor Coverdale or Sally Kirby

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What should you expect from your business travel provider?

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