I don’t know about you lot but I can not be happier that tomorrow is Good Friday! Not only are we out of the office for 4 whole days (sorry to those outside the UK that don’t get to share in this communal sigh of relief) but for the first time this year we can also stuff our faces full of chocolate without any judgement! What’s not to like!

Over the last few days I’ve been going about my normal Easter business of buying lots of amazing chocolate eggs, hot-cross buns and stocking up on all the treats that I will share with my loved ones over the weekend and during our Easter Egg treasure hunt and the other silly but very traditional activities we all participate in over this great holiday. It got me thinking about what I can do in work today that will really start the long weekend with a bang… Here are a few cheeky ideas to start your Easter holiday off with a smile.

Egg rolling

Or should we call this ‘eye rolling’. Give in to your bodies natural instincts of rolling your eyes when the boss asks once again when the clocks go forward or where they can get their other half a decent Easter egg this year (yes they have left it a little late!). Go on, you fight the urge all year!

Stationery treasure hunt

Swap the eggs for your colleagues favorite stationery and watch as they hunt around looking for their pens, staplers and any other bits they constantly ‘borrow’ from you… Give them clues if you like or if you are often heard shouting “where is my ******** pen!”

Egg tapping

Actually a great game for the office. Have a basket of eggs, some hard boiled and some not. Ask each person to hit the egg on their forehead… it puts a whole new meaning to having egg on your face! Much enjoyment will be had if you only ask those that have been slightly more difficult to work with this year!

Duck racing

An old British countryside tradition which involves racing a group of ducks through the country lanes (now quite often replaced by rubber ducks)  can be wonderfully adjusted for work purposes and actually takes place most days in my office. Grab a few of your PA friends and watch as your colleagues do the traditional race towards the kitchen to grab the last remaining cups, spoons and bowls for their morning routines. Add obstacles for maximum pleasure, such as removing all of the spoons to see who will use a fork to eat their porridge. Not just for Easter this one!

Easter bonnet

The Easter bonnet represents the tradition of wearing new clothes for Easter. If nothing else, pop out at lunchtime and spoil yourself today. We’ve worked hard this year, probably harder than ever before with all of the extra tasks we have to do these days so make the most of the time off and enjoy your break! We deserve it

Happy Easter everyone!

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