So I have some big news to share with everyone today…. are you ready? Okay, well… I’ve just quit my job! *Gulp* On top of that I’ve just informed my landlord that I am moving out of my house *gulp gulp* and I’ve just told my friends and family I’m going to be moving out of London *sweaty palms*…

I don’t normally spend a huge amount of time talking specifically about myself on the blog, I’d much rather share my experiences and things I’ve learnt over the years but as I’m about to embark on a complete lifestyle change that some, yes you know who you are, have said is crazy I will take this blog to talk about me specifically and how my little career path has led to me moving to another country.

It all started a few months back when I went to Barcelona to see my friend who had moved over there last year. He owns a brilliant events consultancy which is expanding and bringing in business all the time and so after quite a few chats, some tapas and a few more drinks he offered me a role as executive assistant, office manager and overall organiser extraordinaire. Having read this blog, seen my social networking profile and following me for a bit, he came to the conclusion I’d be a great fit for the company. It has taken most of this year for me to make a decision, lots of pros and cons lists were written, and more talks with friends and family but the decision has finally been made, and I will be moving to Barcelona on the 21st April to start a crazy new adventure.

It is amazing to think that having fallen into this wonderful job as an executive assistant, which you can read all about here, it has enabled me to up sticks and moved to another country. We are so lucky that the skills we have are not just transferable to other industries but also completely different environments. Looking at my new job spec, it brings home the skills I have picked up over the years and how useful they will be now. Here are a few unusual highlights:

  • Managing budgets, tracking expenses and the first point of contact for the Inland Revenue when checking tax return discrepancies. This I first learnt to do while working at Deloitte, my first full-time job in London. Working in a small office, I’ll probably be asked to look after the company’s budgets, managing the relationship with our accountant and track expenses. My brain may need jogging a little bit (a lot) but I know I have the skills there somewhere!
  • Writing content for marketing, communication, publications and sponsorship material in line with all branding and messaging while maintaining all company websites. I know I can do this, I’m doing it for my website as I type… But I wouldn’t have had this skill if I didn’t have the opportunity while working as an Account Manager at the ICAEW. A job so flexible I was able to take on so much creative work that I enjoyed immensely and have strived to have in every role since!
  • Managing all organisational aspects of the twice-yearly Business Assurance Forum, including venue co-ordination, joining instructions, delegate packs and further communication activities during and preceding the events. Who knew this task would be instrumental in my decision to take this new role. I organised this event from start to finish about six times while I worked at Lloyd’s Register, it was my favourite thing to do and led to me working on an event in Holland and also the organisation of training courses and away days for the Executive Team at that company. I’ll now be working in the events industry full time…
  • Carry out all Companies House administration, including filing and searches. Having a good understanding of company law and the administrative tasks that are needed to maintain company records is again useful knowledge when working in a small company. It may not be hugely relevant in Spain, but it will be when completing annual reports in the UK.

So, for now, I will be working my notice at my current company while trying desperately to fit all of my things into the three suitcases I have allowed myself to take on the flight. I can’t wait! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, but I’m also unbelievably grateful that I did stumble onto this wonderful career path because being an Executive Assistant really can lead you anywhere.