Practically Perfect PA: Featured

I recently wrote an article for Olé Magazine entitled Travel: Do it yourself or use an agency?

I thought I would share it with you…

Practically Perfect PA: Featured

Blogger Practically Perfect PA aka Nicky Christmas gives us her expert tips on booking business travel

I don’t know about you but I can spend hours arranging and then rearranging travel for my director. It takes up a huge amount of time and can be incredibly complex especially if they are travelling to a number of destinations with connecting flights and a host of visa requirements. I’ve had absolute nightmares in the past such as the time I organised a trip to Japan only to be told to cancel everything the day before because my colleague now had to go to Brazil. All this stress and you don’t even get to leave your desk!

It is quite common now to have help with travel arrangements as most companies do employ an outside supplier to book flights, hotels and car hire. I do think it is useful having the additional help especially if you are busy with other aspects of your role (and who isn’t!) But at the same time I have found working with some corporate travel suppliers to be a frustrating experience and quite often more time consuming than booking everything myself. Here are my pros and cons for booking travel yourself and booking it via a travel agent.

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