A task that is often given to an Assistant is the introduction of new employees or onboarding new staff as it is often referred to, and having the responsibility for the induction process. Putting together an effective induction policy is essential because it ensures that all employees are integrated into the company and their role in the organisation quickly. Assistants should provide the new starter with all of the necessary information they need to begin their job. This can be quite difficult sometimes because of the amount of information and computer equipment there is to give to a new starter. However,  the best way I have found to conduct this task is to put together two checklists, one for yourself and one for the new employee, so that all of the information is listed and the various tasks can be ticked off when completed.

Onboarding new staff

Along with the checklists, there are other points you should take into consideration when onboarding new staff:

Put yourself in their shoes

When you first started your role how were you introduced into the organisation? Was there anything that could have been improved and if so can you add this to your process for new employees?

Work with senior management and HR

It is important that you know when recruitment for new jobs are taking place, this includes temporary and contract staff. Senior members of the team may not be aware of how much you have to do before someone joins the company, so share your checklists with them and stress that you need to know as soon as the role has been filled.

Start early

As soon as you know the new starter has accepted their job, you should be working through your induction checklist. Ideally, you should have a month to get everything ready, although I do understand this can sometimes be a complete luxury!

Don’t do everything yourself

I have one checklist for myself to work through before the employee arrives and one for the starter to use during their first two weeks at the company. One of my previous employees also introduced a ‘buddy’ system so that everyone took turns looking after new members of staff.

New Start Checklist

To download the new starter checklist, just click on the image, enter your details and the checklist will be emailed to you.

Onboarding new staff

Onboarding new staff isn’t the most exciting task we have as Assistants but remember that we are the first person the new starter will meet and so we should represent the company in a good light. In addition, quite often we will be conducting the process for people that are more senior to us and so showing how organised and helpful we are can only reflect well and may lead to other opportunities with them in the future.

Onboarding new staff template

This checklist contains all of the tasks you will work through when Onboarding new staff. Just enter your details to receive the template.

All aboard the induction process

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