Olympic Sports for Assistants

Olympic Sports for Assistants

So the London 2012 Olympics is finally here! I absolutely adored the opening ceremony and revelled  in the celebration of our British culture and traditions. As a local East Londoner I could also just about  make out the fireworks and the Red Devils flew over my house so I was extra pleased..  London is really busy at the moment but the place is buzzing and I think the city is looking pretty hot right now! I’ve been glued to my TV screen watching all the different sports and cheering on Team GB, the skills these athletes have are incredible and it is a pleasure watching them compete at the highest level. It got me to thinking about the skills we as assistants have… if we were competing in the office Olympics what events would we excel at?


Assistants would definitely win a gold medal in the hurdles, and not just the 100m but also the 400m event. We are constantly jumping over a never-ending amount of obstacles to get the job done for our managers! We would be pretty good at the Steeple Chase as well!


Bending over backwards to help people is a common trait in an assistant and one of our key skills! Our flexibility is second to none and enables us to deal with the constant interruptions and additional work we receive every day… and we do all of this with grace and elegance!


I have always said assistants are the backbone of the office and sometimes we do carry all of that weight on our shoulders. We are constantly asked to challenge ourselves and take on more and more work (particularly in this financial climate) but we do so quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen assistants hauling heavy boxes around the office and don’t even get me started on working with jerks!


Yes this is an equestrian competition but with our event skills we would ace this sport!  Athletes competing in eventing have to demonstrate the obedience of the horse and its harmony with the rider… now if that isn’t like a PA / Director relationship I don’t know what is, reigning in a difficult colleague while making it look effortless is something we excel at! We would definitely be on the podium with eventing and probably would have organised the competition in the first place!


Yes we can type up four pages of notes in the next ten minutes, yes we can set up a conference call 30 seconds before the meeting and of course we can put together a PowerPoint presentation for clients you are meeting at lunch even though it is already 12:30!  Having world record breaking speed helps us to get all of our work finished in a 7 hour day! Usain Bolt has nothing on an assistant.


This is our main event; we would have a gold medal in the bag every four years! Multitasking, expertise in a number of fields, jumping over obstacles and speeding through our tasks means we are the hardest working athletes in our building!

Now if only we got to hear our national anthem being played at the end of the day while our co-workers cheered on!

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