Happy Halloween Assistants!


Happy Halloween Assistants!

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. Growing up in the UK trick or treating wasn’t quite the craze it is now.  I do remember my mum shutting the curtains and turning all the lights off like we weren’t home or one year embracing Halloween by giving kids random tins of food from the cupboard such as baked beans or soup… as you can imagine it was more like she was tricking the children by offering slightly out of date products that hadn’t quite made it to the harvest festival!

Over the years I’ve come to respect any holiday that allows people the opportunity to eat as many sweets as is humanly possible without the stigma of binge eating and also, you know, you get to wear some crazy outfits and scare small children – what’s not to like about that!

Talking about crazy outfits this is one of the first years I’ve not been invited to or had to dress up in some way for a Halloween party. Not that I’m complaining, I can’t say fancy dress is my favourite thing to do and anyway I sometimes to come into the office looking and feeling like a Halloween character so I’m not really missing much!

All this chatter about the ghouls and ghosts has got me thinking about some of the things us assistants can learn from the supernatural, I don’t know about you but we certainly have some similarities with these spooky characters, here are a few suggestions!


Assistants already have great transparency skills – work gets done, things get organised and yet no one knows how it happened!  Ghosts also have a tendency to repeat the same actions over and over which I’m sure assistant can relate to especially when we are stalking the corridors looking for our directors!


Super strength, great vision and the ability to change personas at a moment’s notice are some of the characteristics we share with werewolves now if only we had long fangs to really get our teeth stuck into things. I personally don’t want all that hair though!


I’ve seen many an assistant with a waxy complexion looking pale and drained after a hectic week in the office! Like Vampires, assistants also grow stronger as the years go on, polishing their skills and getting better at what they do… Immortality is not an option but I’m sure the companies we work for would appreciate it!


If only we could cast spells – I’d have a potion for minute writing, automatically photocopying and stapling board packs oh and I’d put a spell on sales people that lie about cold calling my manager!


Taking gate keeping and a cunning intellect to a whole new level that assistants can totally relate to!


I know I’ve certainly worked with others that are non-communicative, groaning and howling instead of speaking – mainly on a Monday… and after a hard week who hasn’t felt like the walking dead!

Happy Halloween Assistants everywhere!

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