Christmas gifts for assistants!

Christmas gifts for assistants

It’s nearly Christmas! As assistants I’m sure you have been aware of this fact for quite some time as you would have been running around organising everyone’s Christmas festivities including parties, cards, presents, decorations and goodness knows what else! I hope all of your efforts have been greatly appreciated by your colleagues and if not you at least have some time off over the holidays to relax with your loves ones. If you don’t even have that then I suggest you get yourself a pen and some paper, write your Christmas list and hand it to your boss while repeating the words ‘I’ve been very good this year, I’ve been very good this year’!

Here are a few stocking fillers for assistants, heaven knows we deserve a gift or two!

A cattle prod – a multifunctional tool that will aid assistants move their managers and colleagues around the office and ensure the staff get to their meetings room on time and in good order! Also can be used to give misbehaving colleagues a quick zap to put them back in line!

Anti-theft device for stationery – to be attached to scissors, staplers and your favourite pen

Life time supply of gob stoppers – An alternative to biting your tongue!

A business class plane ticket and accommodation at an exclusive hotel – for you!!

Noise cancelling headphones – Again two fold use of this gift. You can not only cancel out other people’s noise you can also avoid overhearing gossip that is best not to know about!

Juggling lessons – Any help would be greatly appreciated with this vital skill!

‘Mind Reading for Dummies’ – Most of you will know what I mean… so maybe we actually need ‘Mind Reading for advanced users’!

Happy holidays everyone!

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