Making it routine

Routine Procedure – Friday

Routine Procedure – Friday

The last day of my productivity challenge!


0810 – I’m on the early train into work today as there is a Board meeting starting at 9am. I have a quick look through my emails but nothing much has been sent in overnight that is urgent so I have a chance to read my book for a bit.

0845 – It should be the best day to be able to follow the routine as all of my Directors are in the board meeting from 9am until 5pm today. Hopefully it will be really quiet in the office so I will be able to get a lot done… fingers crossed! Before I start my work, I help get a few bits sorted for the Directors before they head into the meeting.

0900 – Grab a cup of tea and set up my computer and open the post. Make a start looking through my emails and following the procedure I set out in my previous blog. As I have more time this morning I look through some networking and other emails I have received over the last few days.

1030 – As I checked through my to-do list yesterday quite thoroughly I start working on the tasks in order of urgency. Most of the jobs are small but there are a lot of them, including booking rooms, answering email queries and setting up meetings.

1130 – One of the Directors comes out of the Board meeting to ask if I can photocopy some documents for him. I stop what I’m doing to get this done. It takes 10 minutes to photocopy the documents and take them to the Boardroom. As I’ve been interrupted I take the time to check with the kitchen that the food will be delivered on time for the Board members at 12.30.

1230 – The Board break for lunch so I hover around the meeting room making sure they are okay and that I’m there if they need any help. I have a quick check over my emails while they are eating but don’t manage to answer any queries.

1300 – The Board head back into the meeting room so I go out for lunch. I have an hour’s break wondering around the shops.

1400 – It definitely makes a difference having most of my colleagues in a Board meeting today it has given me the chance to mostly follow the routine and have a lunch break! I check through my emails, not many have been sent so far today but I manage to catch up on less urgent emails that have come in over the week.

1430 – I carry on working through my to-do list, it is so quiet today that I am getting through most of the work really quickly. The only interruptions I have are from people asking where my Directors are, it’s easy to answer as they are all in the same room for the day.

1450 – I’m asked to call a few colleagues that need to attend the Board meeting. Give them a call and then make a cup of tea for myself.

1500 – I’ve now ticked off all of the urgent things that I need to get today and start working on the tasks I would have started next week. It will be great to be ahead of myself when I come into the office on Monday.

1630 – The Board finishes early and all three of my Directors have jobs they need me to do before I finish for the day.

 1725 – Finish all of the tasks given to me by the directors and spend the last five minutes of the day checking my emails one last time before I leave for the day.

1730 – Finish the day and head off for a well needed drink!

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