Personal Assistant Super Powers!

Personal Assistant Super Powers!

Every PA / EA has a set of skills that enable them to do their job well, senior staff might not notice these unique attributes but we should and more importantly we should know how to use them to the best of our abilities.

Assistants are the superheroes of the office, possessing extraordinary superhuman powers, their skills can go unnoticed until there comes a time when they are called upon to help protect their colleagues!

So what type of powers do we possess…?


Bending over backwards to help people is a common trait in an assistant and one of our key skills! The ability to adapt and change our plans is imperative and enables us to deal with the constant interrupts and additional work we receive every day.

Mind Reading

Knowing exactly what the boss is thinking without being told is a great skill acquired by many assistants during their careers. This ability does come with time but it keeps you one step ahead while looking super organised and proactive.


Most superheroes have a gadget or secret weapon and assistants are no exception. From advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office to always being able to fix the photocopier, being able to use all of the office equipment better than most of our colleagues is our secret weapon!


Organising meetings, managing diaries, paying invoices… everything runs smoothly in the office, the stationary cupboard is always stocked, the printer always has paper, board reports and presentation slides appear on the boss’s desk ready for them to take to their meeting. In their mind it just happens, but a good assistant is always busy working invisibly behind the scenes. It must be magic!

Super Human Speed

Yes we can spend 3 hours in the Indian Embassy waiting for your Visa while answering emails, coordinating the office party and finishing that presentation and of course we will pick up your dry cleaning and a coffee on the way back into the office. Assistants are excellent but a little bit of super human speed helps us to get all of our work finished in a 7 hour day!

Our super powers make us unique in business and this is why support staff are so heavily relied upon. Whatever super powers you possess (and I’d love to know what yours are?) remember with great powers there must also come great responsibility so wield your powers wisely!

Happy holidays everyone, thanks to all of you for reading my blog and I look forward to continuing this in 2012! Nicky x

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