How to solve those hotel booking ‘facepalm’ moments

Office Managers and PA’s across the world are using Roomex to save time and money on their work-related hotel bookings.

This innovative tool comes at no cost and with no contract but saves on average 21% on hotel bookings.  In the words of the Office Manager at Keystone Group, “The booking system is flawless and so easy and quick to use.  We have saved precious minutes and sometimes even hours by not having to shop around to find best prices.  Any queries are answered in minutes and with exceptional levels of customer service.” 

Take a look at how Roomex can help you save time, money, and of course solve those face-palm moments.

Travel Planning for Others – Putting Yourself in Your Traveler’s Shoes


Every admin wears many hats: office manager, personal assistant, life coach, travel planner. And each hat requires a different set of skills and a different set of tools. Every time your manager is heading out of town, it’s time for you to don your travel planner hat, slip into your traveler’s shoes, and equip yourself with your suite of travel planning tools. TRAVO’s goal is to boil down your arsenal of travel tools, ranging from sticky notes to Excel spreadsheets, to one single booking and planning platform. Our inspiration and drive for this goal has stemmed directly from conversations from admins just like yourself!

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Practically Perfect PA giveaway: The Brother winners are…

Practically Perfect PA giveaway: The Brother winners are…

Last month, we teamed up with technology specialist Brother to give you the chance to win one of five state-of-the-art office labelling machines, the PT-D600VP.

The labeller, which won an iF Design Award for outstanding design quality earlier this year, is the perfect partner for any PA and can bring a touch of colour to your office.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Brother and Practically Perfect PA giveaway. I can now announce the winners… drum roll please… are:

  • Raquel Ruiz
  • Mandy Towell
  • Bridget Clifford
  • Claire Bell
  • Sara Brown

Congratulations to all five of our winners! We will contact you to get your details. Thanks again to Brother for hosting such a fantastic giveaway with us.

To find out more about the PT-D600VP, read the review from four of our assistants from across Europe who put the device to the test in their workplace.

You can find the P-touch range from all good office suppliers or online at

Practically Perfect PA giveaway: The Brother winners are…

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s guide to Boston

The Practically Perfect Business Traveller's guide to Boston

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest and most illustrious cities in the U.S. It’s where the pilgrims landed and the Red Sox play and with its many educational institutions, stands as a modern-day Athens. Culturally and historically rich, this enchanting metropolis is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and stands as a crossroads, where colonial history meets contemporary innovation.

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Squaremeal Venues + Events Live

For most assistants working in the UK the Squaremeal website and guide is a well-loved and trusted resource. For many years I have consulted the guide for restaurant and venue ideas, it has always been my first port of call when managers have asked me to book restaurants for them.

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s Guide to San Francisco

The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is a magical cosmopolitan city; known popularly as the city by the bay, it has evoked songs, poems and popular sayings. Rich in cultural attractions, it is both liberal bastion and commercial hub with tech-hot Silicon Valley reaching north and embracing the city with global headquarter giants like Twitter, Pinterest, and SalesForce. Think Napa Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, North Beach, Alcatraz and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You need to plan ahead!

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Feeling undervalued….

We are chuffed to bits to be guest blogging today for the Practically Perfect PA Blog. After sponsoring the first ever Big Questions event in Edinburgh, we wanted to introduce ourselves to some of you that weren’t able to make it along.

One of the main topics discussed at the Big Questions was “How do we get our organisation to value the work that we do?” and it was really interesting to hear a lot of your opinions on this. In many companies, employees feel undervalued in their role and also unmotivated to go the extra mile. At Highland Fayre, we help employers show their staff the gratitude they deserve. Since 1985, Highland Fayre has been Scotland’s No.1 Luxury Gift Company providing bespoke hampers and personalised gifts.

Receiving a hamper, personalised gift or branded product is a gesture that speaks louder than words. We work closely with companies such as BP, Amazon, Sky, Vision Express and ExxonMobil, to create gifts that really help to increase their employee and customer loyalty.

Feeling undervalued….

There are many occasions throughout the year that we can help employers show that they care – Long Service Awards, Promotions, Christmas, Maternity and Retirements.

Every employer is aware of the importance of letting employees know they are appreciated. One of the biggest challenges companies face is finding the time to search for a suitable gift. Personalised gifts have taken off in recent years and no wonder! Last year we invested in several engraving machines and we really want to show them off! We have had a great start to our new range, creating personalised gifts for the likes of Savills and Revolution Bars to thank their employees and customers. Our engraving machines help make a gift extra special and really leave a lasting impression.

Feeling undervalued….

We understand that cost is a significant feature in rewarding clients and staff for their loyalty, however we have options that will suit any budget!

Feeling undervalued….

As a BPMA accredited distributor of promotional merchandise we also hold a range of over 70,000 products that we can brand with your logo/message.

For your chance to win a £100 Luxury Hamper from Highland Fayre, enter your details on to our Request a Brochure page and use the code PRACTICALLYPERFECTPA in the comments section, Good Luck!

Feeling undervalued….

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